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Doom has really turned first person shooter games upside down. If you remember back in the 1990's, the first person shooter game was strictly a PC game. You have a character holding a gun and you just move around from room to room shooting everything you come across. Very basic, very automated, and a lot of fun.

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But it also can get boring really quickly. There's really not much nuance to it. Also, the graphics left a lot to be desired. It's no surprise that early titles like Castle Wolfenstein, while initially popular, soon dropped off a cliff in terms of fan appreciation and attention. It seemed like the first person shooter game was doomed, pardon the pun, to the same fate.

Despite the initial hype and heat as well as fan attention, once people manage to get around the game map and truly figure out the game or, better yet, master the game like the back of their hands, they drop it like a hot potato. Well, that all changed when Doom hit the scene.

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This first person shooter game really highlighted the tremendous technical virtuosity possible with otherwise limited technology. Back in the ear...

Gary Goldman - Movie Producer & Critique

This first person shooter game really highlighted the tremendous technical virtuosity possible with otherwise limited technology. Back in the ear...

Sarah Marks - Movie Producer & Critique

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The graphic cards that were available then might only give you some sort of incremental graphic proficiency and versatility, but they did not come anywhere near the tremendous amount of colors, polygon shapes as well as graphics versatility that you would get from even a low end graphic booster card. No way, no how.

But Doom was able to work with such limited hardware technology to really enable us to peek into the amazing possibilities of a 3D first person shooter. That’s when the FPS genre in video games really blew up, and you have to really give a tremendous amount of credit to Doom for making this happen.

As I mentioned above, Castle Wolfenstein has no shortage of fans. But the problem is, it’s a very limited game and it really did not do itself any favors because it stuck to the rather limited nature of the hardware technology at the time it was released. Not surprisingly, it got big, then it was quickly forgotten. Not so with Doom. Even to this very day, people are still talking about Doom.

There are all sorts of Doom merchandise: Doom action figures, T-shirts, stickers, you name it. There was even a Doom movie that was made, and I’m just talking about the official movie. I’m not talking about the countless fan fiction movies created out there, ranging from 30-second animation to something a little bit longer and more involved.

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My commentary on the Clone A Pussy vulva molding kit!

Being a 90s kid, many of us, including me, struggled with how our vulvas looked. It was so different from the “magazine girls” that it would drive many of us to the brink of body image insecurities. The adult stars had perfectly symmetrical vulvas with beautiful folds and crevices, so it was understandable when we started doubting our bodies. Furthermore, because of its positioning in the body, we couldn’t even see the vulva in all its glory without a handheld mirror.


However, as the internet gained popularity, I realized that not everyone has the same kind of private part. Each of our vulvas is different. The Clone A Pussy DIY kit from Twice Tonight helped me to examine my vulva in all its beauty, and it was a fantastic experience to cast my pretty-pie in a hot pink silicone.


The introduction


Firstly let me describe this cute molding kit to you. The whole package comes in a plain white box surrounded by a cardboard sleeve featuring the brand name and a description of the contents. You slide the box out of this sleeve and then open it up as the instructions are written on the inside of it in various languages.

The kit comes with pretty much everything you need to clone your pussy. Inside the cute floral box, you’d find—

  • A mold
  • Alginate powder to create the impression of your vulva
  • Two small tubs containing the silicone parts
  • a mixing stick.


Also, get a working thermometer, a measuring jug, and a disposable mixing bowl to mix the ingredients.


Read the instructions on the box thoroughly, as there are strict timescales for almost every step.


Getting on with it


First, let me give you the 3 essential tips.


  • For the molding step, I recommend you rehearse with the empty container how and where you will hold the mold against your vulva. It must be done over a smooth surface like tiles or another hard surface as some of the liquid will overflow out of the mold and drop on the floor.


  • If you’re a fan of the bush, I’d say trim it a bit. I made two clones of my pussy, and in one, I had a somewhat hairy mound. It didn’t look very appealing in the final silicone, with the hairy chunk resembling some weird tumor! So my advice would be to go clean shaved, or trim a bit.


  • Pay attention to the timing and temperature. This is very crucial as it can make or break your entire game. Write down the timings and temperature separately on a pad and adhere to it strictly.


The rest of the procedure is pretty simple. I pressed the mold against my vulva, keeping it as level as possible by bending forward. I sat with my butt on the edge of the bath with my legs open and held it tightly against my vulva; it gets messy as some of the molding fluid overflows and ends up on the floor —ignore it as it comes off easily once it hardens.


The cast will set in about 4-5 minutes, and I could feel it harden on my vulva as the fluid set itself. As an added confirmation, you can check the leftover alginate in the bowl to see if it has solidified. After I was convinced, I slowly took the cast off me and washed my pubes thoroughly to eliminate any alginate residue.


As I mentioned, solid alginate is easy to clean off a hard floor, even from the skin. The tricky part is thus over. All you have to do now is to mix the silicone and get your hot pink clone.

I took the two tubs of silicone, one being the silicone with color, the other being the catalyst. I poured both into a disposable mixing container and thoroughly mixed the two for a couple of mins. Mix it slowly to avoid bubbles in your mixture. It will only delay the setting of the silicon and also create a fuzzy texture. Once mixed thoroughly, gently pour it into the mold to avoid bubbles. Tap the filled cast a few times to get the bubbles to rise faster. I read in a few reviews that some women made the cast deeper and didn’t have enough silicone to fill the mold. If you face such a situation, just wrap the mold in duct tape and place something in the middle to make the silicone rise and fill up the edges.


Now all that is left is a waiting time of 24 hours before you can gently remove your cloned pink pussy from its mold. This step is the most rewarding when you finally see your beautiful pussy in all its glory.

I couldn’t stop giggling as I lifted my cloned pussy from its mold. It was a fantastic experience creating a clone of my intimate parts, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It looks beautiful, and the detail imparted by the mold onto the silicone is outstanding. I was surprised by the texture; the mold could even catch the tiny wrinkles that my labia had. Beautiful!


I would highly recommend this Clone A Pussy Hot Pink kit. For me, it was a very liberating and fulfilling experience. The fact that I can now see my pussy in all its glory, especially how my partner sees is a truly enriching experience.


Bonus Tip:

The pussy mold stays firm even if you do repeated casting. So if you have something naughty in mind… like an edible chocolate pussy, you should try it!