Your Ultimate Guide to Logo Design

Have you ever come across a popular brand without a logo? Certainly, No. That is because there is no brand without a logo. A logo has a huge impact on how your clients will rate your brand. So, it is natural that you are shopping for a logo maker free download to enable your logo stand out. But how do you make your choice? Don’t be afraid! In this article, you will learn about the processes and how to find the ideal logo for both your personal and business needs.

Why do you need a logo?

Business is similar to dating process – you are seeking for the attention of the right customers and to make them become loyal to you. So always consider your logo as the picture uploaded to your dating profile. It is what is going to draw the attention of people to your business and also learn more about you and your business. I am sure you want to get the best look, right? Your logo will determine how far your business will go due to the impression created. It will provide your customers information as regards your brand and to enable them choose the best for them.

Because your logo is a very important feature of your brand, you want to ensure that it is done properly. All your branding items will be designed with your logo. It will draw your customers’ right from your website, your business cards, and your packaging. Asides from the fact that a great, professional logo design has the capacity to communicate what you represent, it will also help create a good first impression and at the same time separate you from the crowd.

How to design your logo

Now that you have clearly decide what your brand will look like and represent and you feel inspired, this is the perfect time to translate your idea into design. There are a diverse range of elements that should be considered here ranging from shapes, colors, graphics, to topography. The isolation of each component coupled with the impacts it has on your logo will help you take things with care rather than taking it all at once which can later have an adverse effect on the entire design.

Choose your design style

As regards to choosing your logo, the first important thing that you should do is to choose the ideal design aesthetic for your brand. Avoid following the crowd, choose what is best for your brand.


Trendy logos can be exciting and fun, but they also quick to look outdated. A traditional style offers you better staying power and enable you reach a good number of people. This aesthetic creates a simple look and doesn’t venture into crazy graphics, fonts and color palettes. A traditional style exhibits your reliability and reserved attitude the world.

Retro or vintage

There is a reason why people prefer the retro and vintage design and has been trending for quite some time now. They remind you of old times and allows you to relive the romantic moments shared in the past. A vintage logo conveys to customers that you value historical moments and that you sell the right products. Hand-illustrated and worn logos in beige and brown color palettes suit this aesthetic fantastically.