Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Majority of phone owners have a tendency to receive calls from an unknown number at some point in time. This can be intensely frustrating, most especially if these calls happen in a pattern and it is not possible to get an identity for the caller when trying to call back. Reverse phone lookup facility is one that makes it very easy to determine the identity of the caller and wherever they are coming from. There are a wide variety of reverse phone lookup services available, and though some of the best reverse phone lookup services are for free, others in the market require some form of memberships, subscriptions or service charges.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup Businesses

it is important you are aware of the fact that these services providing the identification of callers either for free or at a very cheap including the white pages, where the names can also be looked up by either the address or the number; the Anywho reverse directory; infoUSA and phonelookup-24.com.

It is very much possible to use reverse lookup sites like Reverse Payphone Lookup, to get information from the particular area the call is being made or SemaphoreCorp, to get information on where someone has relocated to.

Cell Phone Numbers and Reverse Phone Lookup

There is no doubt that cell phone owners are very difficult to track, so also are individuals with unlisted numbers. The fee required is usually around $10 to $25, however, it is not a bad idea to settle for a site that requires some sort of membership. These sites include Phone Registry and Phone Detective.

Reverse Phone Lookup for International Numbers

The facilities listed above are capable of locating and naming callers within the United States, with the white pages and 555-1212 that is also readily serving Canadian numbers.

Nonetheless, you can find similar facilities in other countries.  This is because there are lots of jurisdictions regarding reverse phone lookups and they vary according to location, it is very important that you look up initially whether using the service is permitted. Why reverse lookup services do exist, and it is easily required by the law to enable emergency services the luxury of tracing calls. It is important you’re aware of the fact that not all countries permit private access.

In the United Kingdom, you can conduct reverse searches for a fee using 192(.com). You can do a reverse search here if you have knowledge of the caller’s street address together with the number.

For France, they have the pages blanches which is their equivalent to the white pages of the United States. Another alternative is Infobel, a service that is based in Belgium, serving countries like Denmark, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg.

Spain on the other hand, their numbers can be traced using Kapitol. The users in Switzerland interested in looking for names have the choice to reverse phone lookup service, they have the TelSearch Switzerland and their version of the Pages Blanches.

Other countries like Italy and Greece, for instance, they have no such facilities that are capable of searching for someone’s name using their phone number. In Germany, though phone lookups are possible, the town, vehicle registration number or postcode of the caller is very important

It is important you are aware of the fact that these differences show the various options within all countries. One good place to start your search is Numberways, where opportunities in finding numbers or names in various areas are listed.