Things Which You Need To Know About Different Types Of Watches

One has to keep several things into consideration before finalizing a purchase for a watch. These points will truly define whether a watch you are planning to purchase will look good on you or not. Before you make a purchase, it is very essential to go through the Invicta watch reviewYou will come to know about how you can choose the best watch which would complement your persona and make you a center of attraction.

How to pick the best watch for yourself?

Consider the dress code

First things first, you are required to wear a watch considering the type of dress which you will wear. For example, if you are planning to wear a formal dress or suit and tie then it is recommended to wear analog watches as they are professional and sophisticated to look at. Contrary to this, if you are a college student then you can wear digital or chronograph as they look excellent on casual wear.

Choosing the strap of the watch

There are two main categories of strap viz. metal and leather; in the metal, you get the option of gold, silver, blend of the two or platinum. Contrary to this, brown and black colored leather is in high demand. As compared to brown leather, black colored leather is considered more formal and the best suited for executives and business partners who are planning to go for a meeting. You can also purchase worn-out leather straps and they can easily be paired with jeans, t-shirts and other casual wear.

Type of footwear which you are wearing

In case you are wearing a metallic strap then it is recommended to go with black or brown shoes. The black-colored leather strap is a great combination with black formal shoes. Watches that have silver-colored straps, in particular, look best with sports shoes that have blue, gray or black shades. Contrary to this, gold-colored wrist chains look great with several earthy tones, browns, tans, and beiges.

Other accessories which you are wearing

Watches also complement the type of rings and bracelets which you are wearing. Since in particular the outer frame of a wristwatch is formed up of stainless steel, platinum, gold, and silver, thus it is very essential to acknowledge the type of other metallic substances which you are wearing. Several other things play a great deal of role in deciding which type of watch will compliment you the most viz. cuff links, belt, and shoe buckle. If you are wearing these accessories then you should purchase a watch which is made up of either silver or gold metal.

Different types of men watch you should know about

Field watches are most ruggedly build and its dial is medium in size, they have either brown or black leather strap and look very formal when you wear them. Racing watches have the largest dials and have several embellishments. Moreover, they are resistive to water and made for several competitive and adventurous plays. Last but not least, dress watches are most elegant and classy to look at and have a medium dial with straps either of leather or chain.