Look your very best when taking in-game selfies by getting treated with Lipo lasers


There are many games now that use your actual image and crop it into the game. I wish they had this back when I was playing Doom all day, every day. I probably would have been taking dozens, if not hundreds, of selfies every single day because I cannot stop playing that game.

Well, times have changed and games do come and go. And there is always no shortage of addictive games.

Make no mistake about it, a lot of these games allow you to take selfies in them, and it would really be quite tragic if your photo looks like the typical gamer photo – and I think you know what I’m talking about. I think you don’t need me to spell it out for you.

But just in case this is the first time you’ve read a video game blog post, let me blurt it out. A lot of gamers don’t look all that good, and I’m being polite here. But if you really want the graphic description, here it is: a lot of gamers look fat. There, I said it. They look fat, they look unattractive.

In fact, I’ve seen one video game selfie, where I really can’t tell who killed Jabba the Hutt, the person with the rifle or the organism with a laser wound to the head on the right side. I really can’t tell who is Jabba and who the Jabba killer was. That’s how bad it was.

And I’m not putting that person down because hey, let’s face it, in Western Europe and in the United States, there is an obesity epidemic. Nobody’s safe. We live a very sedentary lifestyle and food is too cheap and there are so many different types of food out there. It’s very easy to develop a weight problem. Believe me, I understand.

Don’t come to me and cry about empathy. I know exactly where you’re coming from. But take this as a wake up call. If you’re kind of flabby in certain parts of your body, you can still take in-game selfies, but you need to be a little bit more proactive. You have to come prepared.

How do you do this? Get treatment by Lipo lasers. These Lipo lasers are basically light-based surgeries. By using lasers, you get a liposuction. I know that sounds crazy since liposuctions are basically vacuum cleaners for fat, but that’s how Lipo lasers work.

Do your research on them. I’m convinced your mind will probably get blown. That’s how awesome they are. So that way, you no longer have to look like yet another nerd taking an in-game selfie and embarrassing yourself accordingly. You can look quite good.

That way, you can attract the eye of many hot female cosplayers out there. They seem to be multiplying in number every single day.