How to Track and Locate your Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone

Once you discover that the phone is missing, do not be disturbed. If you discover your mobile missing within a short period of time, you might likely get back your mobile. After calming down your nerves for a few seconds, dial your number from a friend’s phone and check out if the number is still available. There are chances you could have positioned it somewhere and forgotten that you placed it there. There is numerous application that can be installed to trace the location of the stolen phone.

This video shows the features of those apps and guidelines to follow to keep your device safe.

Change passwords

If you use your mobile for personal use, there is a greater chance that your social networking sites or bank account can be easily accessible. The urgent step that you must take is to change the password to prevent any unauthorized access. If some applications are installed on your phone, then unlock them by going online. You will have the chance to back up your information or lock your data or at a time if you think that this information is confidential, I suggest that you delete them.

Block your card

The second essential step that you must take is to contact your service provider from the mobile of your friend and make your card inaccessible as there would be numerous phone numbers available in it. Once you make the card inoperative, go to the police and file FIR for your lost card. If you have misplaced your invoice, visit the retailer where you bought the mobile and collect the duplicate copy and make another copy before submitting it to the police station. Write down the IMEI number on the invoice and input it into any database of lost cell phones. On purchasing second-hand mobiles, there is a high chance that people will check these databases if the phone was stolen.

Applications that help you trace the location of your phone

‘Lookout’ is a popular app for tracking the location of your lost phone. It comes with a feature to switch on your front camera and take the selfie of the person using it. You can activate it from your laptop. The photo will be delivered to your mail within a second when the internet is available. This app generally delivers mail from front camera, each time the lock code is used wrong continuously. For iPhones, there is an app  ‘Find My iPhone’ designed specifically for this model of mobiles.

Safety measures to be adopted when you use the phone

It is wise to have these types of apps installed on your mobile, though you always ensure that your mobile is kept safe. After you acquire the cell phone, keep the warranty care and invoice very safe. Have the mobile phone insured when you purchase it, as there are measures put in place to ensure that you get back money for your lost gadget. I will suggest that you have a position to place your cell phone and always ensure that you place your mobile there.