Effects & Dosage Guide for White Thai Kratom

Kratom is a tree found in tropical regions, grown in hot climates. Its leaves have the properties and effects like a coffee and are consumed by native people for centuries.

The main components are mitragynine and 7 HMG.

A strain is generally a subsection of a species. It has 3 different types of strains and each produces unique effects.

  • White Vein
  • Red Vein
  • Green Vein

These are classified by the color of the stem and veins of the plant. In this post, we will look into specific white Thai Kratom.

The white strain is harvested much before they have been exposed to the sun, hence the color is off white.

White Thai Kratom Effects:

Amongst all, White Thai Kratom is known to be highly effective in enhancing the mood, provides following benefits such as,

  • Improves memory function and cognition.
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Heightens energy levels, relaxes mind, and body.
  • Provides relief from pain

The unique chemical component in the White Vein Thai Kratom binds to receptors in the brain, thus providing a great relief from Depression and Anxiety.

White Thai Kratom Dosage

For those who are using White Vein Thai for the first time, a fortified amount of 0.5 grams is recommended however, along with time, according to various tolerance levels, it can be increased to a maximum of 2 to 3 grams providing most of the benefits.

White Thai Kratom vs Green Malay Kratom:

The Green strain originates from Sumatra, Borneo and its neighbors, if you are bewildered, it is generally perceived to be best between White and the red ones.

The uniqueness of White Thai Kratom:

Thai White Vein Kratom is a special one due to its distinctive alkaloid profile

Thai White Vein originates only in Thailand and cannot be exported to other countries due to legalities. The early seeds of the plant are exported to near countries like Indonesia, then it is made to grow full to its maturity. It takes a lot of work to replant the seeds which contribute to low numbers of the tree in the country.

The soil conditions also greatly influence the growth of the plant, in this case, it is Thailand and Indonesia

Thai White Kratom are preferred due to its balanced nature.

Research and safety precautions:

The Food Safety Administration(FDA) of the USA has banned this substance completely stating that usage of these will lead to addictions, drug abuse, and dependence as it contains similar traces of opioids which is a similar substance known for inducing euphoric feelings.

However, the federal government which has more authority and power than the FDA has allowed the use of Kratom and is legal in several states.

Rumors surround the Kratom:

According to Darshan Singh, a US-based scientist who has managed to track the users of Kratom through decades has found an interesting observation.

People have developed ailments and consider the cause as Kratom which are:

  • Liver related issues
  • Hair loss

By doing some research for proofs, he found out that these problems are unrelated to the dosage of Kratom and do not impact the individuals taking this, at all!. However, these can be caused by using Unadulterated ones and of poor quality.

There is no need to fear about using Kratom, the only thing which we should make sure of is the source I.e. from where it is obtained.

The manufacturing process must be looked into and quality must be reckoned. Recent developments include air-conditioned drying of Kratom, which provides way less chance to be contaminated.

Some speculations surround the banning by the FDA:

DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) which has similar motives like FDA, due to huge outcry from commons, lawyers have lifted the ban of Kratom in October last year. Therefore, it is more likely to be selling off the shelves in states where there is high demand.

The DEA’s ban on Kratom has placed it on hold for two years, meaning that it can be on the sale of two years until a case is started against it on the legal grounds.

Kratom has been popular especially in western countries like the United States, even though the distance involved is huge, thanks to modern logistics and shipping.

DEA is currently monitoring the usage by something called as Eight Factor Test, it applies the three of the factors namely,

  • Substance history
  • The pattern of Drug abuse
  • The risk to public safety

The reason why it was banned even though it was slightly risky was that the fatality rates of using this drug are very low if by means it is negligible, considering other similar drugs.

However, if DEA considers banning this substance, it might pose risk to other similar drugs, Marijuana which is now completely legal in the United States.

Methods for Ingestion

Kratom White Thai can be consumed in more than one way

  • Gum
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Extracts

Recent reports suggest that the type of consumption can affect the working of the substance, however, there is not enough research to prove this speculation.

Usage of Kratom in different Countries:


Oceanic countries include Australia, NZ, Fiji, and so on. The Kratom is completely legal and denoted as “Controlled Substance”


There was a ban on Kratom in very early ears which was mainly due to red tape, to create a monopoly by the government. The birthplace of Kratom has lifted all the ban from 2018.


If you have never used Kratom White Vein Thai, it is highly recommended to try it in small amounts which should be purchased from verified vendors. If you experience any discomfort, consult a physician.