Doom can get so raw that sometimes you need to use a headgear

Doom is a really intense game. Now, a lot of people might think that its graphics are quite elementary. I understand where people are coming from because video game graphic technology has evolved quite a bit in recent years. In fact, the number of images that can be rendered by the typical PlayStation video game console is nothing short of mind boggling.

This is true if you compare it to as recently as ten years ago. It may seem like a short amount of time, but that’s actually forever when it comes to video game years.

You see, in the video game industry, every single year brings its own fair share of innovations and breakthroughs. Some years are better than others. Still, with each passing year, there are significant technological breakthroughs that really take video game graphics technology and quality to a much higher level.

I say this because sometimes, old graphics, when rendered with new games or in light of new games, can get really raw. I’m not talking about raw in terms of an in-your-face kind of emotional urgency. It’s not like somebody is holding an ax and is about to separate your head from your shoulders. It’s something more than that.

It’s more visceral than that because it really gets into your head. It really speaks to you in terms of emotional intensity and urgency. That’s the kind of rawness that a lot of seemingly old school games with their seemingly limited graphics brings to the table.

The problem with modern video game titles is that they pretty much do everything for you. Your imagination pretty much is left at the door. You automatically assume that the video game will do your imagining for you.

It will tell you what sounds to hear. It will obviously draw what kind of graphics you will see. In other words, it provides the whole experience. This leaves very little to the imagination, and that’s the tragedy of most video games. Seriously.

If you really want to get a full experience, you need to dial back the immersion into this alternate reality that modern video games bring to the table. Instead, you need to look for more basic video game titles like Doom.

This way, your imagination is still engaged. You then fill in the blanks and it becomes a raw experience. In fact, it can get so raw that you need to use a headgear. That’s how raw it can be because your imagination is working overtime.

You don’t feel like everything is being crammed down your throat. You don’t feel like you’re being dictated to. Instead, you operate within this idea space and your mind fills in the blanks. You actually live in that space because you read into it your personal immediate reality.

That’s how you can tell high quality videos from video games that really are too basic and too didactic.

Didactic literature sucks. Basically, the author is just telling you what to think and telling you what to feel. The same applies to video games.

You want to be a participant. You want to feel that you are changing the scenery and the reality in front of you. That’s why you need to dial things back a few years by enjoying classic video games like Doom.

They’re so raw that sometimes you feel like you need to use a headgear. That speaks volumes about their quality and their emotional intensity.