Choose The Best Floor Plan From The Ecs Of Piermont Grand 

Situated at one of the best locations of Singapore, i.e. Sumang Walk of Punggol District, the Piermont Grand has now received a huge number of applications for the condos. So, you got to hurry if you want a place in the most demanded township’s executive condos in the country.

However, before you register yourself from E-applications, you need to be sure about which floor plans you will be registering for. The developers have given lots of options for the citizens to choose from i.e. you can get any condominium from 1 – 5 rooms with luxurious facilities and amenities in it.

Floor plans of the Waterway facing executive condominiums:

1 room – This is the most affordable type of condo among all and also it is the best for the people who visit the city very often and want a place to live like businessmen, traveler or any other professional. One room condos are also best for the students, who are residing in the city to study, thus they will not only get a separate place to live but also a peaceful environment.

2 rooms – These kinds of condos are in demand by the couples as they have a master bedroom and they can use the second one as their spare bedroom. It is also ideal for small families and also 2 room condos are in great demand among all because they are economic and have enough space to live. So, it would be an obvious point to make that 2 rooms condos will be the fastest to get filled.

3 rooms – These condos are just the upgraded version of 2 room condos. These are also ideal for a small family or even a family with 4-5 members can live in this very comfortably. By investing a little more amount than 2 room condo, you can get a 3 room condo. They are even better functionality and spaces in the condo and you won’t regret investing your money in a 3 room condo.

4 rooms – These condos are considered as the best option for families because if you have 2 or 3 children then you should not choose anything below this floor plan. Obviously, they are spacious and are best for the kids to live in an open and spacious house. They are also very suitable for couples who are planning to start their family.

5 rooms – This is the largest condo floor plan you can get at this township and these are best for large or joint families. Since this is the biggest, the amenities and facilities are also the best in these kinds of condos. These condos are also the best when it comes to space as these are the most spacious condos in the whole township.

The final word:

Now, you can look by yourself what kind of floor plan you would like to choose. Since all of them are selling fast so you should be quick with making your decision and registering yourself on their website. Also, you can check the blueprints of the floor plans that are given on the website to get an accurate idea about the layout.