Beginner’s Guide to the Best Cheap Vlogging Camera

You are in search of a decent vlogging camera that is affordable and not one that will drill a hole in your pocket right? Let’s take a look at the essential things to consider if you want to get your vlogging camera cheap. When you are done with this article, you will confidently make a decision on the vlogging camera that suits your budget and project.

Things to look out for in a Cheap Vlogging Camera

1) Size (This is quite the most important)

Can the vlogging camera in question be taken anywhere you are visiting? If yes, then it is a wonderful choice. It is important that you get a camera that is easy to carry around and one that is lightweight. This means that you will not be looking out for full-size video cameras and camcorders with external microphones, owing to the fact that they are not portable enough to use in some cases.

Excellent criteria to be used in selecting a good vlogging camera is that it should easily fit into your pocket for emergency or immediate use, and have a solid frame to take some abuse if perchance you will be traveling with it. Apple iPhones are great for vlogging but the negative side to them is the angle of the lens. You have to use a selfie stick or hold it far from your body if you want to capture everything most times. Majority of the front-facing cameras are not of high quality, and they require a wider angle lens. The subject of the wider angle lens will be discussed a lot better in the next section, in this instance a little point and shoot will work best.

2) Lens Angle

The most important thing that determines how far a camera is from the face is the angle of the lens. For instance, when you shoot indoor with an Apple iPhone mounted on a tripod, it is important that it is moved twice the distance compared to the regular camera. It is important you are aware of the fact that it will affect the quality of the audio since it is not like the DSLR with an external microphone. This can easily be resolved for shooting outdoors with a selfie stick, but it turns out to be unusual when you are having desk shoots and you are employing a selfie stick in your office.

20mm – 24mm is decent enough to keep your arm at a comfy distance away from your body, and at the same time giving you an excellent shot while you are on the move. If perchance you are not on the go, employing a tripod is not much of a problem. 

3) Image Stabilization (IS)

Videos that are shot out on the move or on the field require a camera with Built-in image stabilizing feature. It is recommended that you do not depend on YouTube’s image stabilization feature, owing to the fact it takes its toll on the quality of the video after being uploaded. Inexperienced video editors find it hard to get the instability of the camera out of the video footage. Among all the cameras in the market, canons are the most reliable in this area.