All You Need to Know About Pallet Racking

Proper racking is essential for the safety and efficiency of any operation. What are the factors to consider when it comes to proper racking? If you are interested in this or you are already involved, then this article is made for you as it contains numerous pallet racking tips.

Lots of warehouses keep their products on pallets. Whether it be microwave ovens or fresh fruit on trays, every supplier must find an efficient way to store them. That is what defines pallet racking, a monstrous shelving solution for storing loads of pallets in a much more efficient way than single placement. Pallet racks can be arranged for 4 or 5 rows high (note that this depends on the height of your warehouse), this implies that you can fit at most 5 pallets in the footprint of one.

Different Styles Of Pallet Racks

The products you are storing depends on the arrangement of warehouse pallet racking you intend to create. I will discuss some of the popular methods below and explain their operation.

Selective pallet racking is similar to a bookshelf found in a library. Two rows of pallets are positioned side by side. You can assess each row of pallets by using a forklift. This is done by placing it in a thoroughfare via the middle. This implies that every pallet can be accessed at all times however it occupies a lot of space. You can make this enlarge by using double deep pallet packs which comes with four rows of pallets close to each other. With this, you can access two rows from each side. You will require a special attachment from the forklift to access the middle pallets.

For maximum space usage, we have another popular system referred as push back pallet racks. These involve several rows placed together with a rail for the pallets interlocking one side to another. The rail is positioned on a slight angle. Pallets are placed at the higher part of the rail and are pressed to the back by the next load or product until they get to the end of the rail. Here another forklift can carry them and place them on the truck. This is an amazing way of storing stock that is waiting to be discharged.

Used Pallet Racks

If you are looking to buying pallet racking for your business, I strongly suggest that you opt for used pallet racking. Since these function as shelves, a used set can be purchased at near new condition. This will save you lots of cash in installing a new warehouse especially if you are managing a small business and just need a limited amount of racking. Most vendors of pallet racks will also offer used pallet racking and they usually come with a warranty.

Whether you intend to lift pallet racks or any pallet in general, always ensure that you follow all safety rules when using your forklift. Remember, safety is paramount and must be given higher priority.