This is a homage to movies and everything created about Doom. We have fallen in love with Doom for good reason.

It could have been another first person shooter game; it could have been clunky; it could have just exploited the better processor technology at the time of its release; it could have just leveled up in terms of a graphical presentation and rendering speed and left it at that. In other words, it could have used the same game plan as most of the other game titles, whether they are FPS or not, present at the time of its creation.

But it did not do that. Instead, it aspired to be something more. It aspired to truly be at the top of its game, and that’s why we are so in love with Doom. Because it’s that kind of game development attitude that truly pushes the whole gaming industry to a much higher level.

Let’s get one thing clear here, it’s too easy in this industry to get lazy, okay? Let’s just get that out of the way. There are all sorts of platforms now where you only need to hire a team, as well as a bank of writers, to manipulate the components of a platform, and you have yourself a nice looking game.

The problem with that kind of attitude, however, is that you’re not really pushing the ball forward. You’re not innovating. You’re not taking the immense amount of possibilities that are still inherent in the video gaming format to where it needs to go. Doom did that.

Whether they did it intentionally or accidentally, it doesn’t really matter. What we have are the results. And now we have a vibrant, engaging, multi-platform video game market because of the attitudes and perspectives pioneered by Doom.

This website is a homage to all sorts of fan products, fan fiction, and yes, even movies created about Doom. It is a cultural milestone. There is really no other way to say it.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is the true story because if you play any kind of video game, and I’m not even talking about first person shooter games, a lot of the attitude, a lot of the vibrancy and the sense of immediacy that you get when you immerse yourself in that artificial, digital world can be traced back like a straight line to Doom.

We invite everybody who’s a Doom fan out there, from all four corners of the globe, to share your Doom movie stills. What did you like about the Doom movies, whether fan fiction or the actual Hollywood releases? Share your favorite Doom movie stills.

Also, if you play Doom to this very day, take screenshots and share it here.

Also, if you know of groups in your area with Doom-related or FPS-related news and views, feel free to let your voice be heard and share those materials. We consider these materials as resources that our global fan base and community would be seriously interested in.

The bottom line is, if you love Doom, you are part of a global community. This is the headquarters of that community. Come join us today. You will have a great time and your understanding and love for this amazing cultural artifact and milestone will be enriched even further.