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Doom has really turned first person shooter games upside down. If you remember back in the 1990's, the first person shooter game was strictly a PC game. You have a character holding a gun and you just move around from room to room shooting everything you come across. Very basic, very automated, and a lot of fun.

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But it also can get boring really quickly. There's really not much nuance to it. Also, the graphics left a lot to be desired. It's no surprise that early titles like Castle Wolfenstein, while initially popular, soon dropped off a cliff in terms of fan appreciation and attention. It seemed like the first person shooter game was doomed, pardon the pun, to the same fate.

Despite the initial hype and heat as well as fan attention, once people manage to get around the game map and truly figure out the game or, better yet, master the game like the back of their hands, they drop it like a hot potato. Well, that all changed when Doom hit the scene.

The Critiques

This first person shooter game really highlighted the tremendous technical virtuosity possible with otherwise limited technology. Back in the ear...

Gary Goldman - Movie Producer & Critique

This first person shooter game really highlighted the tremendous technical virtuosity possible with otherwise limited technology. Back in the ear...

Sarah Marks - Movie Producer & Critique

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The graphic cards that were available then might only give you some sort of incremental graphic proficiency and versatility, but they did not come anywhere near the tremendous amount of colors, polygon shapes as well as graphics versatility that you would get from even a low end graphic booster card. No way, no how.

But Doom was able to work with such limited hardware technology to really enable us to peek into the amazing possibilities of a 3D first person shooter. That’s when the FPS genre in video games really blew up, and you have to really give a tremendous amount of credit to Doom for making this happen.

As I mentioned above, Castle Wolfenstein has no shortage of fans. But the problem is, it’s a very limited game and it really did not do itself any favors because it stuck to the rather limited nature of the hardware technology at the time it was released. Not surprisingly, it got big, then it was quickly forgotten. Not so with Doom. Even to this very day, people are still talking about Doom.

There are all sorts of Doom merchandise: Doom action figures, T-shirts, stickers, you name it. There was even a Doom movie that was made, and I’m just talking about the official movie. I’m not talking about the countless fan fiction movies created out there, ranging from 30-second animation to something a little bit longer and more involved.

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Registration In Avenue South Residence For A Residential Unit

District 3 has long been forgotten until Avenue South Residence condo was launched in the area. Launched by a local developer, UOL in a joint venture with United Industrial Corporation (UIC) and Kheng Leong, the residential unit is a luxurious 56-storey building in two identical towers. The condo would be the tallest building at 200m in Kampong Bahru.

UOL has a historical track record of developing uniquely designed structures with luxurious facilities and that too at an affordable price. It is a rare structure in Kampong Bahru, with astonishing views of the city and the Greater Southern Waterfront. The captivating skyline and sea-view would only add to your life at the site. It is not just a beautiful place but also an interesting one.

With so much to do around, your life will never get bored there. For shopping enthusiasts, there is a whole area consisting of Megamalls of your favorite brands; and even departmental stores from where you can get your daily stuff. For foodies, there are luxurious dining halls, bars, lounges, cafes where you can enjoy a meal from a world-wide variety of cuisines to enjoy on a weekend. On other days when you don’t feel like cooking but don’t want to spend too much in a restaurant, you can enjoy street food from the local food chain available near the condo site.

Other facilities include health institutes dealing in many medical fields most of which are open 24/7 to assist you in any emergency. People who need constant medical care can also get the facilities in these centers. Families can find numerous schools for their kids ranging from primary level to college institutes.

Register for VVIP preview of Avenue South Residence

If you are looking for a peaceful environment to live with your family, you can consider buying a condo. Registering for a VVIP preview will give you many benefits when Avenue South Residence pricing will be released.

The developer team will do a quick run through the project and provide you with more detailed information. This will give you an insight as to what you are investing in. They will share the floor plan with you and according to your requirements will make necessary suggestions. You can register for a VVIP preview on the official site of the condo and if the developer’s team selects you for the preview then you can make the registration payment to them using your NRIC and cheque. NRIC would be for identity authorization.

After the registration, you will have access to various discounts on the price of the condo unit/s and will have the chance to pick your choice. This would be beneficial for the future when the demand for the condos will rise. At that time, you will be given a preference to choose a unit as per your requirements. Also, the prices of the Avenue South Residence condo would only increase and reach the sky after the public launch. You would be at an advantage then for having an advanced registration, as there would be only a selected number of units left for acquisition.

Choose The Best Floor Plan From The Ecs Of Piermont Grand 

Situated at one of the best locations of Singapore, i.e. Sumang Walk of Punggol District, the Piermont Grand has now received a huge number of applications for the condos. So, you got to hurry if you want a place in the most demanded township’s executive condos in the country.

However, before you register yourself from E-applications, you need to be sure about which floor plans you will be registering for. The developers have given lots of options for the citizens to choose from i.e. you can get any condominium from 1 – 5 rooms with luxurious facilities and amenities in it.

Floor plans of the Waterway facing executive condominiums:

1 room – This is the most affordable type of condo among all and also it is the best for the people who visit the city very often and want a place to live like businessmen, traveler or any other professional. One room condos are also best for the students, who are residing in the city to study, thus they will not only get a separate place to live but also a peaceful environment.

2 rooms – These kinds of condos are in demand by the couples as they have a master bedroom and they can use the second one as their spare bedroom. It is also ideal for small families and also 2 room condos are in great demand among all because they are economic and have enough space to live. So, it would be an obvious point to make that 2 rooms condos will be the fastest to get filled.

3 rooms – These condos are just the upgraded version of 2 room condos. These are also ideal for a small family or even a family with 4-5 members can live in this very comfortably. By investing a little more amount than 2 room condo, you can get a 3 room condo. They are even better functionality and spaces in the condo and you won’t regret investing your money in a 3 room condo.

4 rooms – These condos are considered as the best option for families because if you have 2 or 3 children then you should not choose anything below this floor plan. Obviously, they are spacious and are best for the kids to live in an open and spacious house. They are also very suitable for couples who are planning to start their family.

5 rooms – This is the largest condo floor plan you can get at this township and these are best for large or joint families. Since this is the biggest, the amenities and facilities are also the best in these kinds of condos. These condos are also the best when it comes to space as these are the most spacious condos in the whole township.

The final word:

Now, you can look by yourself what kind of floor plan you would like to choose. Since all of them are selling fast so you should be quick with making your decision and registering yourself on their website. Also, you can check the blueprints of the floor plans that are given on the website to get an accurate idea about the layout.

Track Mobile Phone Locations without the Owner Knowing

With all the privacy and security concerns in this modern world, lots of people are asking how to trace the text messages of a cell phone according to When cell phones were first introduced to the market, you find it amusing when sending a text message. Most people do not even believe that sending a smartphone message was going to be so viral. And even the older generations have discovered sending messages is very easy and at the same time saves on monthly billed minutes.

Tracking an individual’s mobile phone position without them discovering is a popular occurrence today. New technology such as the untraceable spy app for Android, ensures that cell phone tracking is easier than ever. Mobile phone monitoring is usually carried out for one of three reasons; first, to trace the activities of your cheating spouse, to ensure that your kid is safe, or to ensure that your workers are in the right place at that moment. Whatever your reasons are for tracing another person’s phone, it is important that you don’t get caught.

Use the Spy Tracking App

iPhone and Android spy apps will discover the location of a smart device efficiently and quickly. As applicable to most tracking methods, you need to activate the target phone’s location setting to ensure that the GPS signal is intercepted. Once the app is installed and the location is turned on, you will see the location of the phone displayed on your application dashboard. In addition, you will be able to see the other phone details which include emails, texts, call log and a host of others! Since spy apps are hidden, there is no way the phone owner will find out they are being tracked.

Google Maps

There are ways whereby someone can sneakily see another person mobile phone location via the Google Maps mobile app. The only thing is, you will need to gain access to the individual’s physical phone to install it.

The steps to achieve this are really simple:

Proceed to the target cell phone’s Google Maps app (if you don’t have it on the phone, download the app.)

Click the menu and proceed to the location sharing.

Ensure that you click on the  “Share your real-time location until you turn this off” option.

Choose your own phone to enable you to access the phone location.

After undertaking these steps, you will be able to view the phone location from your personal device.

Cellular Company Family Tracking Plans

If you want to monitor a family member or spouse, I suggest that you get a cellular company tracking plan to track them. All of the biggest cell phone companies have them as an additional option. For instance, Verizon has a feature called Family Location which can check the activities of your family’s smartphones. Then you can easily access the location of the person on your phone, tablet, or PC. Other cellular firms that offer similar options include; T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T.

If you plan to secretly track someone’s phone location at a later time, apply one of the methods above. I strongly recommend that you use an untraceable spy app for Android or iPhone.

How Easy Is It to Track or Locate Cellphone?

Due to the portable nature of cell phones, you may be willing to Handy orten to keep your mind at rest. You might want to know the location of the person you love or maybe find out the numbers that keep displaying on your partner’s cell phone.

The ability to trace the locations of a cell phone as well as their numbers have greatly advanced in the last decade. In the past years, it is quite difficult to track cell phone location as it was calculated from the closest cell phone tower which usually gave a placement with a distance of around 100 to 300 square meters.

With the improvement in technology and the much more advanced tracking facilities provided by GPS it is now possible to find the location of a cell phone with pinpoint accuracy, nevertheless, even this technology can be distorted by the user by simply switching their cell phone off or due to the location of the phone, such as mountains, underground or tunnel.

Today, many people are tracing the location of the cell phone through alternative and non-conventional means. The initial and most basic strategy for tracking a phone would be to evaluate the signal from the cellphone. The updated technologies for tracking phones is through GPS or perhaps through the Wi-Fi placement system. If a cell phone comes with a GPS tracking system, it is very easy to locate at any time from any part of the world.

Some people actually believe that the process of tracking cell phone location is impossible to achieve. This is the reason why people prefer to hire detectives. In case you are disturbed about your kid’s location, if you are having doubt about your partner or spouse or you have a business and you wish to track the activities of a particular staff or even all your workers, then I will advise that you opt for the tracking software program.

The most advanced and popular technology for tracking the numbers of cell phone uses a system termed as  Wi-Fi positioning, or often known as WPS.

This WPS tracking system uses a diverse range of wireless network systems for tracking cell phone numbers or through a series of interconnected Wi-Fi hotspots, a grid system is installed which makes it easy to locate a cell phone number and position it accurately, and ultimately, the end user benefits more.

The advancement of WPS technology and tracking, in general, has revealed that it is quite possible for anyone to locate and track the exact position of a cell phone. In addition, it enables you to find more information about the cell phone number.

If you wish to track phone so that you can see their exact location and the activities that they are currently undertaking, help is right around you and you don’t have to expend lots of cash to purchase it. To assure your rest of mind, download your affordable software from the website.

All You Need to Know About Pallet Racking

Proper racking is essential for the safety and efficiency of any operation. What are the factors to consider when it comes to proper racking? If you are interested in this or you are already involved, then this article is made for you as it contains numerous pallet racking tips.

Lots of warehouses keep their products on pallets. Whether it be microwave ovens or fresh fruit on trays, every supplier must find an efficient way to store them. That is what defines pallet racking, a monstrous shelving solution for storing loads of pallets in a much more efficient way than single placement. Pallet racks can be arranged for 4 or 5 rows high (note that this depends on the height of your warehouse), this implies that you can fit at most 5 pallets in the footprint of one.

Different Styles Of Pallet Racks

The products you are storing depends on the arrangement of warehouse pallet racking you intend to create. I will discuss some of the popular methods below and explain their operation.

Selective pallet racking is similar to a bookshelf found in a library. Two rows of pallets are positioned side by side. You can assess each row of pallets by using a forklift. This is done by placing it in a thoroughfare via the middle. This implies that every pallet can be accessed at all times however it occupies a lot of space. You can make this enlarge by using double deep pallet packs which comes with four rows of pallets close to each other. With this, you can access two rows from each side. You will require a special attachment from the forklift to access the middle pallets.

For maximum space usage, we have another popular system referred as push back pallet racks. These involve several rows placed together with a rail for the pallets interlocking one side to another. The rail is positioned on a slight angle. Pallets are placed at the higher part of the rail and are pressed to the back by the next load or product until they get to the end of the rail. Here another forklift can carry them and place them on the truck. This is an amazing way of storing stock that is waiting to be discharged.

Used Pallet Racks

If you are looking to buying pallet racking for your business, I strongly suggest that you opt for used pallet racking. Since these function as shelves, a used set can be purchased at near new condition. This will save you lots of cash in installing a new warehouse especially if you are managing a small business and just need a limited amount of racking. Most vendors of pallet racks will also offer used pallet racking and they usually come with a warranty.

Whether you intend to lift pallet racks or any pallet in general, always ensure that you follow all safety rules when using your forklift. Remember, safety is paramount and must be given higher priority.

Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Majority of phone owners have a tendency to receive calls from an unknown number at some point in time. This can be intensely frustrating, most especially if these calls happen in a pattern and it is not possible to get an identity for the caller when trying to call back. Reverse phone lookup facility is one that makes it very easy to determine the identity of the caller and wherever they are coming from. There are a wide variety of reverse phone lookup services available, and though some of the best reverse phone lookup services are for free, others in the market require some form of memberships, subscriptions or service charges.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup Businesses

it is important you are aware of the fact that these services providing the identification of callers either for free or at a very cheap including the white pages, where the names can also be looked up by either the address or the number; the Anywho reverse directory; infoUSA and

It is very much possible to use reverse lookup sites like Reverse Payphone Lookup, to get information from the particular area the call is being made or SemaphoreCorp, to get information on where someone has relocated to.

Cell Phone Numbers and Reverse Phone Lookup

There is no doubt that cell phone owners are very difficult to track, so also are individuals with unlisted numbers. The fee required is usually around $10 to $25, however, it is not a bad idea to settle for a site that requires some sort of membership. These sites include Phone Registry and Phone Detective.

Reverse Phone Lookup for International Numbers

The facilities listed above are capable of locating and naming callers within the United States, with the white pages and 555-1212 that is also readily serving Canadian numbers.

Nonetheless, you can find similar facilities in other countries.  This is because there are lots of jurisdictions regarding reverse phone lookups and they vary according to location, it is very important that you look up initially whether using the service is permitted. Why reverse lookup services do exist, and it is easily required by the law to enable emergency services the luxury of tracing calls. It is important you’re aware of the fact that not all countries permit private access.

In the United Kingdom, you can conduct reverse searches for a fee using 192(.com). You can do a reverse search here if you have knowledge of the caller’s street address together with the number.

For France, they have the pages blanches which is their equivalent to the white pages of the United States. Another alternative is Infobel, a service that is based in Belgium, serving countries like Denmark, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg.

Spain on the other hand, their numbers can be traced using Kapitol. The users in Switzerland interested in looking for names have the choice to reverse phone lookup service, they have the TelSearch Switzerland and their version of the Pages Blanches.

Other countries like Italy and Greece, for instance, they have no such facilities that are capable of searching for someone’s name using their phone number. In Germany, though phone lookups are possible, the town, vehicle registration number or postcode of the caller is very important

It is important you are aware of the fact that these differences show the various options within all countries. One good place to start your search is Numberways, where opportunities in finding numbers or names in various areas are listed.

Reverse Phone Lookup: All You Need to Know

Have you at any point in time missed a call from an unknown number and then you begin to wish you knew who it was without having to call them back? I have personal experience with it, until the moment I discovered reverse phone lookup on the website.

If by chance you want to learn more about your reverse lookup in a broad scope and how you can go about doing a reverse lookup on a cell phone number or landline number then you can go on reading this article.

Reverse lookup is an excellent service that allows a person to has knowledge of who a number is registered to as well as wherever the number is listed. All that person needs in order to do a reverse phone lookup is the cell phone number itself. This is excellent because the phone number is usually one of the easiest things anyone can lead their hands on

When you input a phone number to one of the plethoras of reverse lookup services on the internet, the service will go through its database of listed number to find you a match. Whenever it does find you a match it will go ahead and list it for you

It is very important to remember that there are lots of reverse lookup services that are free and at the same time there are paid reverse lookup service on the internet and generally these two types are very different in their own way.

One of the differences with both the paid service and the free services is that the paid service gives you the opportunity of reverse looking up phones cell phone numbers and at the same time landline numbers. Free reverse phone lookup on the other hand just work strictly with landline

“Now, are there any reverse phone lookup services that I can begin with today?”

As far as free reverse phone lookup services go, Google is one of the amazing places to begin your search. All you need to do is enter “phonebook: 123-456-7890” (the number you want to look up) into google search bar. In addition, if you enter in a landline, there is any possibility you will get an accurate result than if you include a cell phone number.

If at any point you have knowledge that you will be doing a reverse lookup on cell phone numbers, it is best to settle for a premium service. The reason being that services that work with cell phone numbers cost money because the cell phone number databases were manually compiled by these companies, which involves money and time, whereas landline databases that are easily and readily available and they do not take much time or money in order to grab our hands on them.

This is simply a basic overview of the reverse phone lookup and a wide variety of services associated with it. It is an excellent service for lots of reason and I hope that you are more educated and prepared to make use of it for your benefit.

Essential Guide to Booking Cheap Holidays Online

In time past, booking for your holiday involves paying a visit to a travel agent, pouring out all the holiday brochure, finding yourself completely unsure where to go to or how to get the process rolling and browsing exotic location guide pages. Ever since the introduction of the internet new options are now in to play for consumers, thus allowing them to book holidays online rather than going over to the travel agent in person or discussing over the phone. For the best holiday booking experience, visit TUI.

You can locate booking facilities online for the majority of the tour operating companies, and even some of the lesser and smaller known tour operators as they are immersed in the industry. Niche holiday service also has their online booking, include flight networks, car travel accommodations, traveling insurance, airport transfer services, and other accommodation and amenities.

Flights — You can find cheap holiday deals for flights to most exotic resort destinations like Egypt, turkey, and Greece. The primary factor is having knowledge where to locate these deals. Niche holiday travel website like to offer mouth-watering prices on deals for holidays in order to lots of exotic resort.

Travel Insurance — When planning a holiday, travel insurance is key, and it becomes a very pricey option if you did not find a very good deal. Booking cheap holidays online is more about looking for the best available deals so if you want to find cheap travel insurance you have to look around.  it is important that you do not ignore the need for travel insurance just because you think it is just something you cannot afford. Instead look out for cheap travel insurance deal through various suppliers on the internet

Accommodation — There are a wide variety of accommodations that can be enjoyed during holidays in one of these exotic resort locations like beautiful turkey or Egypt. You can enjoy your stay in a five-star hotel, in an apartment, or a beach house just to name a few. Locating options for cheap accommodation is somewhat easy, considering the magnitude of options available. All that is expected in shopping around for deals with niche holiday travel companies or take a look at one of the larger consolidators that will get deals from various suppliers.

See to it that you choose a very good website for booking cheap holidays because this is the only way that you can go about saving money. It is also important for the vacationer to have all the required details about the place he/she is deciding to spend their holiday. Don’t be in a haste and do a comparison on a couple of websites to find the one that is worth it. It is very important to book the holidays in advance so that you get to stay away from all the tension and difficulty during your holidays. In addition, plan it all with your spouse and kids and just enjoy some leisure days

At this juncture, it is only right to ask if you have booked your dream holiday yet? You should go ahead and start searching for great deals, otherwise, you may get to miss out of the perfect holiday of your dreams.

Tips for Getting Reliable and Best Quality Screen Printing Services

Screen printing is also referred to as silk screen printing and serigraphy. This is a printing technique that allows you to create an image with a sharp edge using a porous fabric and a stencil. The primary focal point of screen printing Australia is the design.

Irrespective of the fact that you are looking for an individual to assist you in creating uniforms for your employees or perhaps freebies and other promotional items for your clientele, you ought to consider hiring service of a company that offers screen printing services. Screen printing is a technique that provides a wide variety of benefits. Screen printing is not just less expensive than the other printing methods, it is very versatile. Screen printing can be applied to just about anything on bags, shirts, and even tarpaulins.

Finding a Screen Printer

If you want your promotional materials or your employees’ uniform to look exactly the way you want them to, see to it that you hire the services of the right printing company. When you make the right choices, you will not only get excellent services, you get to enjoy an amazing value for every penny spent, as well. Below you will find some pointers that will assist you when you are in search of the printers to hire

Tip No 1: Ask for recommendations

if by chance this is your first time enlisting for the services of a company that offers screen-printed promotional materials and workwear, what you need to do is enquire from your friends, relatives or even colleagues for a recommendation. Requesting for referrals is better than making a random call to a printing company. After all in some cases, it is not feasible for someone who you trust to recommend a business that will offer you bad services.

Tip No 2: Search online

There is no one who can give you great recommendations? Don’t you worry. You can always research companies that can be of assistance to you online. The internet is actually a great source of information if you are in need of a printing company for hire. Just make use of search engines like Ask and Google and typing the necessary keywords. In order to refine your search, it is advised that you include your location in your search terms.

Tip No 3: Do some background check

Whether you have located a company through the internet or by following referrals, ensure that you do a proper background check before you go ahead signing any documents with them. It is important that you contact the company and make the necessary inquiries, so you can be very sure that they can be of assistance to you. Take a close look at their catalog or product listing just so you can have an idea of how the apparel made by the particular company would look like. In addition, don’t forget to ask about the cost of their services just so you can be sure if this fit right into your budget

Always Do Your Homework

It is important you are aware of the fact that a little research goes a very long way when finding the right company to provide you with screen printing and embroidery services. As such it is important you adhere to the pointers discussed above in order to enjoy excellently designed screen-printed promo items or work wears.

Critical Considerations When Buying a Condo

If you are considering purchasing a condo, you’ll likely know that purchasing a condominium are one of the hottest transactions going during the peak home buying season in the real estate community. This is because of first time home buyers as well as those who are looking forward to downsizing their housing needs, Parc Clematis condos are still one that you can afford. There was once upon a time when condos at some in time a bad reputation in the real estate industry but these days they continue appreciating in market value at a rate that is very fast than that of single-family residences.

In recent years the majority of condo owners have discovered that they remain quite satisfied with their purchase, owing to the fact that they were not in a hurry when making the decision. If by chance you are thinking about purchasing a condo, it is very important that you know what it is you are looking for and also what to avoid in order not to get the condo that will make you regret your purchase in a nearby future.

For instance, there are lots of things that you can look out for when buying a condo and which can be reasonably avoided.

Primarily, it is very important to look into how a condo is managed. It is without a doubt very simple, there are some condo complexes that are managed badly. It is very important to do some pre-purchase research and be sure you are aware of the fees involved with maintenance of the condo. Why the fees may be common enough, you also want to be sure that there is no irregular high in relation to the level of maintenance quality the complex is receiving

In addition, take your time in finding out the other units of the complex in question. Unfortunately, there is some kind of trend in the majority of the complexes for the unit to be occupied by renters than the owner occupants. This is the nearest future can create an issue when the owner has some pride of ownership; thus making a difficult for those individuals who paid hard earned money for their respective units.

Whenever you are considering a Parc Clematis condo purchase there are two important factors you should pay close attention to.

Primarily, it is important you sit yourself down and ask yourself the question – is a condo the right choice for me? While the majority of condo owners are quite happy with their choice, it is a very simple thing to understand that this is not the ideal choice for everyone. The primary attraction for the majority of the condominium owners is the lack of maintenance responsibility. Unlike homeowners, condo owners don’t need to concern themselves about any form of exterior repairs owing to the fact that this utility is the responsibility of the condo owners association

it is very important you understand what it is you are buying whenever you are settling to buy a condo. Condominiums are frequently referred to as vertical subdivisions owing to the fact that each owner is technically purchasing the airspace that includes ceiling, their floor spaces, and inner walls. The structure including the elevators, exterior walls, roof, foundation, and parking areas as well as the exterior grounds are referred to as common areas.

Essential Tips on How to Choose the Best Composite Decking

Thinking of purchasing new home decking? You should know that there are new, fantastic alternatives to wood decks. The best composite decking building products offer excellent durability as well as incredibly low maintenance. You will appreciate the new colors and designs which are a break from the conventional practice, popular deck products that homeowners are tired of viewing. Consumers are on the hunt for something unique this year.

Today’s deck building materials manufacturers are producing a diverse range of new plastic, synthetic and composite decking materials. New composite products are integrating the superb qualities of wood with the durability and strength of synthetic materials.

Composite Decks

Composite decks are produced using numerous combinations of components like fillers, wood fibers, and binders. These constituents of composite decks are compressed and heated into the foundational composite decking boards which offer an extremely durable exterior surface that cannot scratch and discolor easily, and which is easy to maintain. Composite decks also resist swelling and shrinking which is superior to the natural wood decking products.

Composite decking offers more benefits than pressure treated pine decking. The material is tougher and won’t dent, and they are authorized for fire-rated construction. Wood products cannot resist fire and plastic-based products will warp or melt when exposed to heat.

For around ten years, your house decking will be able to resist a great deal of weather and punishing use. This physical beating includes intense sunshine, rain with high winds, barbecue grease burns, people jumping and walking on it, will reduce the durability of the strong wood deck materials. Composite decks keep their appearance intact for many years to come without much maintenance. All that is required is a simple pressure washing once per year.

Wood decking products come with a unique service of limitations that might make you have doubt about purchasing it for your home. Wood is susceptible to bug infestations, it can rot, swell, or shrink when subjected to external environmental elements, and at the same time, loosening the fasteners that hold it together.

Choosing Decking

Your choice of decking will have an effect on the overall appearance of your home and most importantly, its resale value. Today, homeowners have different attributes than those of the past. Only a few people stay in their homes forever. Most prefer to go to a new location due to job opportunities or need a new apartment to suit their taste. Consumers also want new thing and have become bored with treated pine.

At some point, homeowners will put their home for sale. The appearance and quality of the decking and its suitability for their geographical location, property, and home will have a great impact on the resale value of the home. The home buyer will not want to expend cash on a variety of expensive home improvements. With composite products, homeowners can build an expansive deck, and one with more beautiful designs.

The home buyer will not want to be faced with a series of expensive home improvements. With composite materials, homeowners can afford to build a bigger deck, and one with more creative designs. The scarcity of expensive woods is not an issue when you are designing composite decks.

How to Track and Locate your Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone

Once you discover that the phone is missing, do not be disturbed. If you discover your mobile missing within a short period of time, you might likely get back your mobile. After calming down your nerves for a few seconds, dial your number from a friend’s phone and check out if the number is still available. There are chances you could have positioned it somewhere and forgotten that you placed it there. There is numerous application that can be installed to trace the location of the stolen phone.

This video shows the features of those apps and guidelines to follow to keep your device safe.

Change passwords

If you use your mobile for personal use, there is a greater chance that your social networking sites or bank account can be easily accessible. The urgent step that you must take is to change the password to prevent any unauthorized access. If some applications are installed on your phone, then unlock them by going online. You will have the chance to back up your information or lock your data or at a time if you think that this information is confidential, I suggest that you delete them.

Block your card

The second essential step that you must take is to contact your service provider from the mobile of your friend and make your card inaccessible as there would be numerous phone numbers available in it. Once you make the card inoperative, go to the police and file FIR for your lost card. If you have misplaced your invoice, visit the retailer where you bought the mobile and collect the duplicate copy and make another copy before submitting it to the police station. Write down the IMEI number on the invoice and input it into any database of lost cell phones. On purchasing second-hand mobiles, there is a high chance that people will check these databases if the phone was stolen.

Applications that help you trace the location of your phone

‘Lookout’ is a popular app for tracking the location of your lost phone. It comes with a feature to switch on your front camera and take the selfie of the person using it. You can activate it from your laptop. The photo will be delivered to your mail within a second when the internet is available. This app generally delivers mail from front camera, each time the lock code is used wrong continuously. For iPhones, there is an app  ‘Find My iPhone’ designed specifically for this model of mobiles.

Safety measures to be adopted when you use the phone

It is wise to have these types of apps installed on your mobile, though you always ensure that your mobile is kept safe. After you acquire the cell phone, keep the warranty care and invoice very safe. Have the mobile phone insured when you purchase it, as there are measures put in place to ensure that you get back money for your lost gadget. I will suggest that you have a position to place your cell phone and always ensure that you place your mobile there.

Apple iPhone: How to Locate Your Lost or Stolen Devices

I believe you have misplaced an electronic device at one time or another. Misplacing your electronic gadget whether it is a tablet, phone or even a laptop can have severe consequences. This article will provide you the guides on what you can do to trace all of those gadgets you hold so dear.

Apple Devices

You can download numerous apps through to enable you to trace your device, but one of the easiest ways to locate your device is to use iCloud. In iCloud, you can click a feature termed as “find my iPhone” or “find my Mac”. These two services track your gadgets using a map. They also come with security features that enable you to lock your gadget from The “find my phone” app or feature can also help to track your iPod touch and/or iPad. The use of this feature should make your iDevices accessible.

Android Devices

If you are using Android devices, Google has already bailed you out with their Android Device Manager. To unlock this feature, click on the Google settings app and activate the “Remotely locate this Device” feature. This will enable you to locate your Android device when you visit If you want additional security feature, switch on the “Allow remote lock and reset device” feature while going through the Google settings app.

Doing this will enable you to keep unscrupulous elements from gaining access to your gadget, and even if they eventually gain access, you can remotely delete all of the data. If you know how to perform this task, this should give you peace of mind the next time your Android gadget decides to go on an unscheduled journey.

Multi-Platform Solution

If you have gadgets using several operating systems, for instance, an iPad and an Android phone, and you want to use one app to track both, then I suggest that you use Prey. Visit their website and install the app on the gadget you want to keep track of. This should last for at most 15 seconds. Prey works on Mac, Windows, iOS  (iPad, iPod etc.), Linux, and Android devices. With this app, you will be able to make a report about your stolen or misplaced device at Prey’s web service.

Once you perform this task, you can notify prey about the kind of information you want to provide about your stolen or lost device. Information like geo-location tracking and even using your phone to take pictures of the individual who has taken your mobile gadgets or phone are all at your fingertips. The Prey websites have helped tons of people to find their stolen or lost devices regardless of the place or country the device ends up.

I am sure everyone can relate to this topic either personally or knowing someone who has been involved in it. Now that you can now access this valuable information, you can be assured that you can locate your gadgets no matter where they are, or what type of gadget you currently have.

Tips on How to Track Cell Phone Activity

If you intend to track the mobile phone activity of an individual then there is a plethora of software available at that you can download via the internet that is designed to suit your needs. Some software will send notifications to your own mobile phones if you have a new text message or e-mail, a phone call that was delivered to the mobile phone being tracked. If you think there might be an issue as regards the tracking of the phone because the owner of the mobile gadget always wipes off the call history as well as the text messages on a regular basis, then do not be dismayed.

There are several ways how you can use software to trace the location and activities happening on a cell phone. First, there are two popular types. The first one is the type of software that is installed to the gadget. There will be a web page displayed on the cell phone where you can delete or edit content. This is very beneficial especially to parents that want to know about the activity of their kids in order to prevent them from unscrupulous elements. The parents can also set up a password protection mechanism guarding the web browser activities or instant-messaging capabilities on the cell phone of the kid.

The second one is the online website that can track the usage of the cell phone through downloadable software that can be set up on the phone. It will then deliver the information being gathered to your personal user account online where you can evaluate the information. When you log into the website, you will discover that you can see both long distance and local calls that are made from that specific mobile phone number. This is generally only 30 days’ worth of phone calls. The duration of each and every call will also appear on the screen. This includes the date and time that the call was made. When you use this type of software, an e-mail will be sent to you within three days. Some offer other tracking such as email, text, chat, GPS, etc and real-time stats. The exciting thing about this is that the person whose mobile phone you are tracking remains uninformed. You have to keep in mind that this type of service can sometimes cost you loads of money and varies from each tracking options. But this will be affordable and cheaper than hiring a private investigator to check the activities of the person.

Although numerous cell phone plan carriers provide basic forms of tracing the activities of the cell phone, it is wise to consider using third-party software for more sophisticated options. There are several new mobile tracking software available that enable you to do even more complex tracking and are incredibly affordable than others with few features.