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Doom has really turned first person shooter games upside down. If you remember back in the 1990's, the first person shooter game was strictly a PC game. You have a character holding a gun and you just move around from room to room shooting everything you come across. Very basic, very automated, and a lot of fun.

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But it also can get boring really quickly. There's really not much nuance to it. Also, the graphics left a lot to be desired. It's no surprise that early titles like Castle Wolfenstein, while initially popular, soon dropped off a cliff in terms of fan appreciation and attention. It seemed like the first person shooter game was doomed, pardon the pun, to the same fate.

Despite the initial hype and heat as well as fan attention, once people manage to get around the game map and truly figure out the game or, better yet, master the game like the back of their hands, they drop it like a hot potato. Well, that all changed when Doom hit the scene.

The Critiques

This first person shooter game really highlighted the tremendous technical virtuosity possible with otherwise limited technology. Back in the ear...

Gary Goldman - Movie Producer & Critique

This first person shooter game really highlighted the tremendous technical virtuosity possible with otherwise limited technology. Back in the ear...

Sarah Marks - Movie Producer & Critique

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The graphic cards that were available then might only give you some sort of incremental graphic proficiency and versatility, but they did not come anywhere near the tremendous amount of colors, polygon shapes as well as graphics versatility that you would get from even a low end graphic booster card. No way, no how.

But Doom was able to work with such limited hardware technology to really enable us to peek into the amazing possibilities of a 3D first person shooter. That’s when the FPS genre in video games really blew up, and you have to really give a tremendous amount of credit to Doom for making this happen.

As I mentioned above, Castle Wolfenstein has no shortage of fans. But the problem is, it’s a very limited game and it really did not do itself any favors because it stuck to the rather limited nature of the hardware technology at the time it was released. Not surprisingly, it got big, then it was quickly forgotten. Not so with Doom. Even to this very day, people are still talking about Doom.

There are all sorts of Doom merchandise: Doom action figures, T-shirts, stickers, you name it. There was even a Doom movie that was made, and I’m just talking about the official movie. I’m not talking about the countless fan fiction movies created out there, ranging from 30-second animation to something a little bit longer and more involved.

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All You Wanted to Know About White Horn Kratom

The name looks quite different, right. This is one of the rare plants with scientific name Mitragyna speciosa found in South East Asia. It is considered a medicinal plant. Some of its medicinal uses include energy-boosting, immune system stimulation, pain relief etc. However, this should be under moderation and should not become opiate addiction issues.

The medicinal benefits of Kratom leaves are getting recognition. There are many strains of Kratom leaves available, each having their benefits and side effects.


Among all the strains of Kratom available, the White Horn Kratom is scarce species. It is a fast Mitragyna speciosa strain. This rare medicinal plant is grown and harvested in the Island of Borneo, and the farmers still cultivate in limited amounts.

All the horned Kratoms, along with the White Horn Kratom, comes from a unique type of leaves.

This strain of Kratom got its name because of the spikes that look like horns.

The unique properties of this strain are that the horned Kratoms have increased levels of essential alkaloids required.

But there are also some complications with this strain. It is even rarer than the other strains of Kratoms. Not all horned Kratoms have a horn-shaped spike, but the fully mature one does. So, it makes farmers difficult for growing it as the time it takes for becoming a fully mature plant makes it rare.

The White Vein Horn Kratom consists of two alkaloids- the mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. It has high levels of mitragynine and lower levels of 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The concentrations indicated are stated compared to other Kratom strains.

These two alkaloids are known to cause antidepressant, antidiabetic, blood pressure-lowering and appetite suppressing effects. The listed ones are only some of the beneficial effects of White Horn Kratom.

White Horn Kratom Benefits

Here are some of the positive effects of White Vein Horn.

Energy Level Boosting

This is the reason why it is prescribed to students, athletes and anyone who aspires to be energetic throughout the day. Most people prefer to use it early in the morning to keep themselves active. It surely helps the people who are lethargic and lack the motivation to start their day.

Improves Positive Thinking

White Horn helps you increase your positive thinking spirit.

This can be accomplished by being productive and achieve accomplishments. This all can happen by boosting energy levels, which is, in fact, also the benefit from this strain of Kratom.

Improves Focus

Not only the increased levels of energy make the work productive, but it also needs focused approach. White Horn Kratom helps you in getting focussed even on the less pleasurable action.

Mild Pain Relief

The speciality of the Kratom leaves is their soothing aroma, and White Horn Kratom is no different. This strain of Kratom helps you in mild pains and aches.

Anxiety Relief

If you have a hectic day ahead with an important presentation or meeting, usually a person gets tensed and feels anxiety. This may cause problems, and the vital work may go wrong. The relaxing and mood-boosting effects of White Horn Kratom helps in reducing stress. Burning this Kratom strain can make the day more pleasurable.

White Horn Kratom Dosage

The dosage of Horn White Vein Kratom has its effects that differ from person to person. One has to follow the dosages to prevent any other unfavourable circumstances strictly. So, below are precise guidelines for a variety of doses.

Small Dose

This dose includes 2 to 4 grams of Horn White Vein. This dose is recommended for beginners. This small amount of Kratom can cause a mild impact on mood stimulation, energy-boosting etc. Even experienced users also get a result with a low dosage due to potent effects.

Moderate Dose

After taking the small dosages for a long time, one can increase their dosage with a minimal increase in the amount of Kratom. Moderate dose includes 3 to 5 grams of Kratom. This dosage causes an increase in energy levels which could be noticed as the usage goes on.

High Dose

This is the dosage that is recommended to the users who have already crossed the above two doses. High dose includes 5 to 8 grams of Kratom. This is not at all recommended to beginners as this may have negative effects on them. It helps in improving positivity and relaxation and induces euphoria.

There are fewer chances of using this dose as the mild doses have a potent effect and show a positive result.

Consumption of high doses of Kratom may have adverse effects and can also cause serious complication, which is not advisory.

Methods To Take White Horn Kratom

Consumption of Horn White Kratom can be done in various ways.

  • It can be taken with the toss and wash method. This is the most common method. Just take the Kratom powder to the back of your tongue and consume water or any other drink.
  • You can also take it by mixing the powder with any other protein shakes or milkshakes.
  • You can also mix the powder with any other food products like yoghurt and take the dosage.
  • The Kratom White Vein Horn is also available in the form of capsules. But as this strain is rare, getting the capsules of this type is difficult.

Side Effects of White Horn Kratom

This is the central part of the article. Most of us know that any supplements have some side effects.

Most of the strains of Kratom have some of the other adverse effects, but this strain needs extra precaution due to its potent effects.

Most of the side effects include nausea, dizziness, and headache. These side effects are short term, but you can still avoid them by taking small and moderate doses.

Another significant side effect of Kratom White Horn is tolerance. It makes you feel like increasing the amount of Kratom day by day. But it is recommended to take a short break in the consumption of Kratom which can prevent this effect.

You can also prevent the tempting nature of Kratom by changing the strains and by rotating them and prepare a usage cycle.

You can deviate from these effects by following some simple steps. Consume a lot of water which can reduce headache. Whenever you feel any of the impact, try to take rest or eat something which can make you feel better. This can help you in preventing this powerful stimulating effects.

Finally, I want to conclude that White Horn Kratom is the best strain to use whenever in use. This is an ideal strain that can give you an energy boost to the maximum with long-lasting and sustainable results. Please stock yourself with the Kratom as it is scarce and can be of great difficulty when needed.

Red Kapuas Kratom – Effects, Dosage and Alternatives

Red Kapuas Kratom – The Kapuas waterway begins from the Borneo Islands of the Indonesian locale. The Kratom plants which developed in this area is known as Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom. Hulu is another name of the Kapuas stream. It’s one of the most mainstream strains of Kratom which have comparative advantages of Red Kapuas, however less definite than Red vein Kapuas. It is a newcomer in the Kratom business, yet with great publicity! Red Vein Kapuas Kratom has substantial painkilling impacts, supports your state of mind, gives unwinding, and has a robust smell.

Red Kapuas Kratom Effects

Pain Killing

Red Vein Kapuas stacked with the painkilling alkaloid 7-hydroxmitragynine. Consequently, with one dose, you will be liberated from a wide range of eternal torment. A great many people utilize this Red Kapuas Kratom strain to get help from Scoliosis, Back agony, migraines, Joint and knee torments, and other body torments. Be that as it may, the painkilling property isn’t as robust as Red vein Thai strains.

Rapture or Happiness

Red Kapuas produces substantial impacts on Euphoria. Honestly, it animates the dopamine receptors in your cerebrum, which thus helps your psyche. Since Red Kapuas Kratom isn’t Kapuas Red Vein, you can utilize these strains to get Euphoria.

Mood Lifting

The more significant part of the Kapuas Red Vein Kratom strains are useful for a mindset upgrade. The Red Kapuas Kratom strains are medium quieting and, in this way, give high vitality like green Kratom. The Red Kapuas Kratom will inspire your state of mind undeniably.

Fights Depression

The empowering and euphoric impacts of Kapuas Red Vein improves the general state of mind, which can be useful against despondency.

Red Kapuas Kratom Dosage

Like other Red Kratom strains, you should deal with the dose. Since the Red Kapuas is one of the most intense strains of Kratom, you should not take it over the suggested measurements.

The measurements of Kratom changes from individual to individual. It, for the many parts, relies upon the digestion or the resistance level of an individual. In this way, start with low Kratom measurements.

Here I have recorded the Kratom measurement guide of the Red Kapuas Kratom.

§  Light dosage: 2 to 4 grams

§  Medium dosage: 4 to 6 grams

§  High dosage: 6 to 8 grams

§  Consuming more than 8 grams of Red Kapuas Kratom would be dangerous. You may get the conceivable reactions.

Where to Buy the Best Red Kapuas Kratom?

This riverbank of Hulu is just about a disconnected territory. Likewise, access to this area is confined. So just a couple of individuals can develop the Red Kapuas Kratom plants. Thus, not all merchants sell this Kratom strain, just a couple of trustworthy sellers selling it. I would suggest The Golden Monk, the first-class Kratom seller to purchase Red Kapuas Kratom. Decisively, you can buy top-notch Kratom got the Golden Monk.

¬  The Golden Monk – The Best Kratom Red Kratom Vendor

The Golden Monk has the high determinations of Kratom in the business. They offer a broad scope of Kratom items from powder to containers. Regardless of whether you are only beginning with your first Kratom powder or an accomplished client, The Golden Monk has excellent Kratom items that suit your necessities. Their pieces are lab tried to maintain a strategic distance from tainting of Salmonella in Kratom powders. The excellence here is they offer Free Shipping on All Orders. No Minimum Required. They give 30 days’ unconditional promise and offer a full discount if you are not happy with their items. Quick same-day dispatching, so no compelling reason to stress over conveyance.

Red Kapuas Kratom alternatives

Kapuas Red Vein Kratom has recently discharged an exhaustive manual for Kratom options. For those new to the term Kratom, curiously, it originates from the leaves of a tropical tree in South East Asia. The individuals who take Kratom at low portions will feel energizer impacts.

Kapuas Red Vein Kratom shares an outline on their site of the US where Kratom is lawful, and it shows the more significant part of the nation. In a few states, be that as it may, Kratom is prohibited or directed, and you can look at the most recent data with their far-reaching review of Kratom’s legitimateness on their site. Kapuas Red Vein Kratom is pleased with its locale of information, giving data and articles about the utilization, strains, sellers of Kratom, and even instructive data.

The Strongest Kratom

As indicated by Kratom Red Vein Kapuas, picking the strongest Kratom relies upon you as an individual, your necessities, and your necessary dose. Each Kratom has a particular use, and distinctive Kratom alkaloids cause various impacts; for example, you can choose the most grounded Kratom for stimulating effects, relief from discomfort, or nervousness, and all of these is solid in their own right.

Kratom Red Kapuas, be that as it may, has discovered the most grounded in every class. There is broad data about every last one of these Kratoms on Kapaus Red Vein Kratom, and each Kratom item recorded with a connect to check the cost. Kapuas Red Vein Kratom has as of late discharged a far-reaching to Kratom options available today. They notice that – ‘there are some different individuals from the plant realm equipped for giving individuals relief.’

The possibilities accessible are like Kratom however reasonable for people who need assistance with tension or different issues where Kratom isn’t essential and considering Kratom is restricted in some US urban communities and states this gets pessimistic for some individuals. Subsequently, they favour an option to Kratom.

Kapuas Red Vein Kratom records the most popular alternatives to Kratom, which are akuamma seeds, kava, blue lotus, and Muira Pauma. These four plants are the nearest to Kratom, where you can feel the advantages yet without the substantial impacts. Before you consider any plant option to Kratom or Kratom itself, it prompted that you look for proficient clinical counsel.

Effects & Dosage Guide for White Thai Kratom

Kratom is a tree found in tropical regions, grown in hot climates. Its leaves have the properties and effects like a coffee and are consumed by native people for centuries.

The main components are mitragynine and 7 HMG.

A strain is generally a subsection of a species. It has 3 different types of strains and each produces unique effects.

  • White Vein
  • Red Vein
  • Green Vein

These are classified by the color of the stem and veins of the plant. In this post, we will look into specific white Thai Kratom.

The white strain is harvested much before they have been exposed to the sun, hence the color is off white.

White Thai Kratom Effects:

Amongst all, White Thai Kratom is known to be highly effective in enhancing the mood, provides following benefits such as,

  • Improves memory function and cognition.
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Heightens energy levels, relaxes mind, and body.
  • Provides relief from pain

The unique chemical component in the White Vein Thai Kratom binds to receptors in the brain, thus providing a great relief from Depression and Anxiety.

White Thai Kratom Dosage

For those who are using White Vein Thai for the first time, a fortified amount of 0.5 grams is recommended however, along with time, according to various tolerance levels, it can be increased to a maximum of 2 to 3 grams providing most of the benefits.

White Thai Kratom vs Green Malay Kratom:

The Green strain originates from Sumatra, Borneo and its neighbors, if you are bewildered, it is generally perceived to be best between White and the red ones.

The uniqueness of White Thai Kratom:

Thai White Vein Kratom is a special one due to its distinctive alkaloid profile

Thai White Vein originates only in Thailand and cannot be exported to other countries due to legalities. The early seeds of the plant are exported to near countries like Indonesia, then it is made to grow full to its maturity. It takes a lot of work to replant the seeds which contribute to low numbers of the tree in the country.

The soil conditions also greatly influence the growth of the plant, in this case, it is Thailand and Indonesia

Thai White Kratom are preferred due to its balanced nature.

Research and safety precautions:

The Food Safety Administration(FDA) of the USA has banned this substance completely stating that usage of these will lead to addictions, drug abuse, and dependence as it contains similar traces of opioids which is a similar substance known for inducing euphoric feelings.

However, the federal government which has more authority and power than the FDA has allowed the use of Kratom and is legal in several states.

Rumors surround the Kratom:

According to Darshan Singh, a US-based scientist who has managed to track the users of Kratom through decades has found an interesting observation.

People have developed ailments and consider the cause as Kratom which are:

  • Liver related issues
  • Hair loss

By doing some research for proofs, he found out that these problems are unrelated to the dosage of Kratom and do not impact the individuals taking this, at all!. However, these can be caused by using Unadulterated ones and of poor quality.

There is no need to fear about using Kratom, the only thing which we should make sure of is the source I.e. from where it is obtained.

The manufacturing process must be looked into and quality must be reckoned. Recent developments include air-conditioned drying of Kratom, which provides way less chance to be contaminated.

Some speculations surround the banning by the FDA:

DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) which has similar motives like FDA, due to huge outcry from commons, lawyers have lifted the ban of Kratom in October last year. Therefore, it is more likely to be selling off the shelves in states where there is high demand.

The DEA’s ban on Kratom has placed it on hold for two years, meaning that it can be on the sale of two years until a case is started against it on the legal grounds.

Kratom has been popular especially in western countries like the United States, even though the distance involved is huge, thanks to modern logistics and shipping.

DEA is currently monitoring the usage by something called as Eight Factor Test, it applies the three of the factors namely,

  • Substance history
  • The pattern of Drug abuse
  • The risk to public safety

The reason why it was banned even though it was slightly risky was that the fatality rates of using this drug are very low if by means it is negligible, considering other similar drugs.

However, if DEA considers banning this substance, it might pose risk to other similar drugs, Marijuana which is now completely legal in the United States.

Methods for Ingestion

Kratom White Thai can be consumed in more than one way

  • Gum
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Extracts

Recent reports suggest that the type of consumption can affect the working of the substance, however, there is not enough research to prove this speculation.

Usage of Kratom in different Countries:


Oceanic countries include Australia, NZ, Fiji, and so on. The Kratom is completely legal and denoted as “Controlled Substance”


There was a ban on Kratom in very early ears which was mainly due to red tape, to create a monopoly by the government. The birthplace of Kratom has lifted all the ban from 2018.


If you have never used Kratom White Vein Thai, it is highly recommended to try it in small amounts which should be purchased from verified vendors. If you experience any discomfort, consult a physician.