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Doom has really turned first person shooter games upside down. If you remember back in the 1990's, the first person shooter game was strictly a PC game. You have a character holding a gun and you just move around from room to room shooting everything you come across. Very basic, very automated, and a lot of fun.

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The Cast

But it also can get boring really quickly. There's really not much nuance to it. Also, the graphics left a lot to be desired. It's no surprise that early titles like Castle Wolfenstein, while initially popular, soon dropped off a cliff in terms of fan appreciation and attention. It seemed like the first person shooter game was doomed, pardon the pun, to the same fate.

Despite the initial hype and heat as well as fan attention, once people manage to get around the game map and truly figure out the game or, better yet, master the game like the back of their hands, they drop it like a hot potato. Well, that all changed when Doom hit the scene.

The Critiques

This first person shooter game really highlighted the tremendous technical virtuosity possible with otherwise limited technology. Back in the ear...

Gary Goldman - Movie Producer & Critique

This first person shooter game really highlighted the tremendous technical virtuosity possible with otherwise limited technology. Back in the ear...

Sarah Marks - Movie Producer & Critique

The Most Asked Questions

The graphic cards that were available then might only give you some sort of incremental graphic proficiency and versatility, but they did not come anywhere near the tremendous amount of colors, polygon shapes as well as graphics versatility that you would get from even a low end graphic booster card. No way, no how.

But Doom was able to work with such limited hardware technology to really enable us to peek into the amazing possibilities of a 3D first person shooter. That’s when the FPS genre in video games really blew up, and you have to really give a tremendous amount of credit to Doom for making this happen.

As I mentioned above, Castle Wolfenstein has no shortage of fans. But the problem is, it’s a very limited game and it really did not do itself any favors because it stuck to the rather limited nature of the hardware technology at the time it was released. Not surprisingly, it got big, then it was quickly forgotten. Not so with Doom. Even to this very day, people are still talking about Doom.

There are all sorts of Doom merchandise: Doom action figures, T-shirts, stickers, you name it. There was even a Doom movie that was made, and I’m just talking about the official movie. I’m not talking about the countless fan fiction movies created out there, ranging from 30-second animation to something a little bit longer and more involved.

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Tips for choosing the best Sales Company in Sweden that’s Right for You

Salespeople can find numerous tricks and tips on closing sales, and it is quite easy for sales managers to detect information on how to find reliable sales people to partner with. Yet, there are just few information for the sales person on how to find the best sales company in Sweden such as to partner with. Here are the guidelines to follow to help you find the firm that will offer the best result, as you partner with them. We advise that you enforce these tips to enable you to choose the best sales firm in Sweden that is suitable for you.

#1 – Caution!

Unfortunately, asides models and actors, salespeople are considered the most mislead group of job seekers in the world. The true fact is that there are lots of slip-shod, unsavory companies dealing in all kinds of substandard and unproven products and services. These companies prey on novices as well as unsuspecting salespeople that only have little knowledge about the industry.

These companies promise get-rich-quick schemes, unrealistic promos that cannot be effective in reality. So as a salesperson, I will advise that you should be extremely careful and do not believe in everything that is placed in front of you.

#2 – Believe in the Product or Service More Than the Money

The next step in selecting a company to partner with is to choose a service or product that has the potential to galvanize your business. Only sell a product that you can sell to your friend or loved one, in case they are qualified prospect for the service or product. You must have a genuine interest in what you sell and select the company based on that, rather than choosing based on the expected income.

To select a company primarily because of the expected income you think you can generate will result in a catastrophic effect. In view of this, I suggest that you see the service or product in your heart before you start making the money.

#3 – Research

Now, carry out a lot of research on the entire industry and the company in question. Asides from checking for information on the company’s website, I suggest that you take all details into consideration including complaints against the firm, competition, longevity, industry laws and future. Always remember that there are lots of unnecessary information on the internet, so check the source of the information before using it.

#4 – The Numbers

Finally, if you now hire the company and you have the chance to talk to them, ask the sales department some of the questions highlighted below:

  1. What is the time range that an average salesperson has partnered with this firm?
  2. How long has the most senior sales person with the longest time range been here? Regardless of how well you phrase it, check the employee turnover. If salespeople leave within a short time, then there is an issue to be resolved.
  3. What is the support received by the salespeople? Are the sales people ready to commit their time and resources to the actual selling, and what is the rate of their non-income producing responsibilities?
  4. How long will the average salesperson process the transaction?
  5. How long is the presentation, interaction?

Cleaning Services Edmonton: Expert Cleaning Services with a Purpose

There is no doubt that office cleaning services are in constant demand in different regions. Both commercial and residential places get dirty and the owners are ready to pay whatever it cost to have these places cleaned. The reason the owners are willing to pay cleaning services to have these places cleaned is that they are busy with work and they don’t have that kind of time to handle the cleaning needs of their workspace. Fortunately, there are different companies such as offering the best professional cleaning services Edmonton that these owners can make a choice from. Choosing a company whose number one priority is pleasing its clients is the best choice, owing to the fact that such company offers the best of cleaning services.

Domestic cleaners

They are responsible in offering cleaning services to residential areas. It involves residential maid services with other cleaning services that are required to keep the home in great condition. These maids are dispatched to the various clients depending on the contract and agreement between the domestic cleaning company and the homeowner. The cleaning of the home could be weekly or daily, and the homeowner specifies the type of cleaning required. It could be specializes cleaning or the general domestic cleaning.

Commercial cleaners

There is no doubt that the commercial cleaning is different from the domestic cleaning. Commercial cleaners place most of their focus on janitorial services as the cleaning mode in high demand. Janitorial cleaning involves more activities than maid services. Janitorial cleaning is offered on a daily basis and but when the client requires something different from the usual, cleaning companies find such a thing very easy to offer owing to their flexibility. Commercial cleaners are experienced when it comes to handling cleaning needs in most especially business environment since this is their area of specialization.

What it takes

When you choose cleaners to handle your cleaning needs, you need to understand and make sure that you are handling such responsibility to a reputable organization that has invested mapping out the different activities and also prepared for whatever challenge that may arise along the way. It is not news that those who are in the business of offering cleaning services have a drive of impacting in the cleanliness of the surrounding. This involves hiring the best hands that share such a vision with the business owners. When they have a qualified and motivated team, it leads to good income generation that will help in the growth of the business.

Numerous reputable and established cleaning companies started on a small scale and over the years they grew to become what they are today. When you use quality service delivery as the bedrock tool, you will have a huge client base that will, in turn, result in a profitable cleaning company. The company tends to grow when you have good business skills, and these skills require that you have some sort of understanding in the administrative requirements of the company. This alongside good relationships with staff and time efficiency push the company to greater heights.

When you decide to capitalize on the cleaning services that are popularly demanded, you are contributing to the growth of the company. This includes the selection of a highly qualified and experienced team that is capable of delivering the popularly demanded services and at the same time ensure that these cleaning services are executed effectively.

Make Your Website Popular Through SEO Services

Website owners want to increase traffic on their websites so as to gain popularity and establish their brand content. So, they take services of the SEO experts to gain site search traffic. SEO is a group of activities which are done to improve the traffic on the websites. You can easily find SEO Expert in Sydney if you need to grow the visibility of your website and improve the traffic in the best way. More traffic on your website means higher chances of lead conversion which ultimately results in the growth of your business.

What is the work of an SEO Expert?

Search engine optimization experts know their work very well. SEO experts research, analyze and implement the best SEO practices to grow the traffic on website. SEO process is done at three levels including technical optimization, on-page optimization and off-page optimization. These three levels are very important for successful SEO results.

  • Technical level: In technical level experts check the structure of the website from which they get an idea how to index content on search engine to improve the traffic.
  • On page SEO: In this method, optimization occurs on page. Some special tags or HTML tags are added on the page through which search traffic can easily be gained on your site.
  • Off-page SEO: This method includes various types of optimization techniques that are done off page to increase the traffic. When you take the services of experts offering SEO Sydney, you can know the right way to optimize your site.

Solutions for search engine optimization

Some search engine optimization solutions through which you can optimize your website are proper keywords, content marketing, good social media appearance or smart linking strategies and more.

  • Unique visit – These visits inform you about the visit of customers for the first time on your site. It can track visitors by their unique IP addresses. You can only track unique visits on your site when a visitor’s computer cookie is enabled.
  • Visit – Visit is information about visitors who visit your site and browse it. A visit will calculate all the number of visits. No matter if the same visitor visits on your site multiple times, it will be counted as the individual visits.
  • Hits – It is different from a visit or unique visit. Hit contains the number of files and data like graphics and photos etc. downloaded from your site. Each photo or graphic visit has a hit.
  • View page- When any visitor visits your website, the page is viewed. Each page of your website which is searched by the visitor is tracked under page view.
  • Traffic sources for your site- If you develop a website, you will be interested to know how a website can become popular among the visitors or how the visitors can search site easily on the search engine. To make the visit visible on your site, you can use direct navigations like bookmarks, email website link or type URL etc. You can also promote your site link in referral traffic through social media, branding, and promotions. Pay per click is another way to promote your site visit.

These solutions play an important role in driving traffic on your website in an easier way. These days, SEO experts are helping their clients to witness a prominent growth while doing internet marketing.

Your Ultimate Guide to Logo Design

Have you ever come across a popular brand without a logo? Certainly, No. That is because there is no brand without a logo. A logo has a huge impact on how your clients will rate your brand. So, it is natural that you are shopping for a logo maker free download to enable your logo stand out. But how do you make your choice? Don’t be afraid! In this article, you will learn about the processes and how to find the ideal logo for both your personal and business needs.

Why do you need a logo?

Business is similar to dating process – you are seeking for the attention of the right customers and to make them become loyal to you. So always consider your logo as the picture uploaded to your dating profile. It is what is going to draw the attention of people to your business and also learn more about you and your business. I am sure you want to get the best look, right? Your logo will determine how far your business will go due to the impression created. It will provide your customers information as regards your brand and to enable them choose the best for them.

Because your logo is a very important feature of your brand, you want to ensure that it is done properly. All your branding items will be designed with your logo. It will draw your customers’ right from your website, your business cards, and your packaging. Asides from the fact that a great, professional logo design has the capacity to communicate what you represent, it will also help create a good first impression and at the same time separate you from the crowd.

How to design your logo

Now that you have clearly decide what your brand will look like and represent and you feel inspired, this is the perfect time to translate your idea into design. There are a diverse range of elements that should be considered here ranging from shapes, colors, graphics, to topography. The isolation of each component coupled with the impacts it has on your logo will help you take things with care rather than taking it all at once which can later have an adverse effect on the entire design.

Choose your design style

As regards to choosing your logo, the first important thing that you should do is to choose the ideal design aesthetic for your brand. Avoid following the crowd, choose what is best for your brand.


Trendy logos can be exciting and fun, but they also quick to look outdated. A traditional style offers you better staying power and enable you reach a good number of people. This aesthetic creates a simple look and doesn’t venture into crazy graphics, fonts and color palettes. A traditional style exhibits your reliability and reserved attitude the world.

Retro or vintage

There is a reason why people prefer the retro and vintage design and has been trending for quite some time now. They remind you of old times and allows you to relive the romantic moments shared in the past. A vintage logo conveys to customers that you value historical moments and that you sell the right products. Hand-illustrated and worn logos in beige and brown color palettes suit this aesthetic fantastically.

Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Review – All You Need to Know

If you are a piano enthusiast or professional that spends at least 15 minutes on a piano per day, I suggest that you opt for the Yamaha P115 weighted action digital piano. I will be stating reasons to back up my claim in this article. First, the device is cheap and performs appropriately like a professional piano. According to this digital piano review, these features can be replicated on this device due to the GHS weighted key action that behaves like an acoustic piano, which is lightweight on the low end and as you move up to the other side becomes heavier. Asides this, the piano sounds produced by this keyboard is similar to the Yamaha CFIIIS grand piano and you can now see the reason why the P115 is popular in the musician’s community.

Other notable mentions about this particular device include the incorporation of a Controller App that allows you to perform numerous tasks remotely without the need of you touching the piano. However, you have to connect your iPhone or iPad via the use of the USB to HOST port to perform this task. As for enhancing the capacity of the built-in speakers, the amazing news is that this device does not require much amplification if you will be using it at home but if you need extra push, you can always link the speakers via the AUX OUT, or a headphone via the AUX headphone 1/4th jack, which does not limit the speakers. Yamaha has been surprising us with their fantastic equipment and this particular device also stand out.

Yamaha P115 Review & Experience

During the first use of the device, you will start to notice the Graded Hammer Standard action offered by the keys. Now, this is one of Yamaha’s new features added to the set of full-weighted systems but that doesn’t imply that it is inferior to other varieties. In fact, when compared to an advanced piano, the 88 keys of the unit are perfectly designed and articulated when it comes to the weight and resistance.

Press down any of the lower keys and it will offer light springy action but the more you go to the higher notes, the heavier it becomes. For those who haven’t adapted to the new situation, it can take up to 7 days, but once you become familiar with the keys of the device, you will start producing melodic sounds that a cheaper digital keyboard could never manage.

When it comes to sound quality, there is no better option. Turn the volume to the maximum and set the touch sensitivity to the normal level to recreate an acoustic piano with immediate effect. With a headphone, I will advise that you should reduce the volume greatly unless you want to damage your eardrums completely.

There are a sufficient number of effects and voices available on the Yamaha P115 but don’t heighten your hopes expecting a Casio ensemble. Yamaha takes quality into great consideration compared to quantity but if you really want both features, I suggest that you upgrade to the higher DGX650 and above series but be prepared because it will cost you a lot of money. Follow this guides appropriately and get yourself a fine instrument that will stand the test of time.

Essential Tips for Getting the Right Vauxhall Car Parts

When in search of spare parts or new car parts for your Vauxhall, there are many suppliers you will find that deal in parts. Nonetheless, we can gain access to a large stock of Vauxhall car parts on the internet, and we can be of assistance in helping you fit and find the appropriate parts for your Vauxhall. If you need to fit and order the replacement parts, we can do that for you or you can show up and buy the parts all by yourself, the choice is all yours.

When it all falls down to tyre selection, it is important you are aware of the fact that we work closely with the best tyre manufacturers, just so that we can provide our customers the best, and in this case, we can find the best tyres for your Vauxhall. We pay close attention to what will give the best ride, best handling and optimum performance, based on the design of your specific Vauxhall model.

There is every chance that at this point you may be unsure of what you need, and in that case, you are free to consult our parts team for any form of assistance. They are experienced with Vauxhall car parts and they will not rest until they are convinced they have assisted you in getting the part you need.

Choosing Vauxhall Car Parts

If you are in need of a spare or replacement part for your Vauxhall, it is recommended that you choose a legit part that was fabricated specifically for your specific Vauxhall model.

If you choose to acquire parts from stores that cannot provide you with a guarantee that the parts in question are genuine, then you are fitting a part that will provide similar quality, fit, functionality and safety that your car was designed for. In some instances, these stores in question will provide parts that are for other models without one’s knowledge, thus risking the optimum performance of your specific Vauxhall model.

It is important you know that the price of the parts varies, but when you look out for a cheap option, you will put the performance and safety standards of your car at risk, because cheap options will definitely be below the specific Vauxhall model standards.

Maintenance and Repair Parts

You can comfortably acquire genuine Vauxhall repair and maintenance parts from us. You can easily fit some parts yourself, like the wiper blade. However, our experts can be of assistance with fitting the acquired parts and with the replacement of repair and maintenance car parts, such as brake pads and batteries.


It is recommended that you get a genuine Vauxhall battery if you are interested in having your Vauxhall feel like new. There is no doubt that our batteries are fabricated to work excellently with your specific Vauxhall model. The battery casings include a lid constructed to prevent battery acid spillage and an integrated charge indicator. For the sake of resisting corrosion and better charge, precious metals are included in the battery. Look out for the warranty on any battery before purchasing, because genuine Vauxhall batteries come with a 3-year warranty.

Brake Discs

There are different Vauxhall brake pads that are fabricated for various specific Vauxhall models. They all offer safety and the best quality and meet the highest performance specifications. Similar to brake discs, the pads are expected to be replaced in pairs.

Beginner’s Guide to the Best Heat Press Machine

The usefulness of the heat press machine cannot be downplayed. Nonetheless, there are a number of business owners that are perplexed with the high asking price of this machine. This is part the reasons why most buyers spend extra time double checking and why some find it difficult to choose which of the brands to buy. This is actually because they find it uncomfortable to take risks with the costly machines, most especially with its high asking price. In order to make an excellent choice or perhaps assist you in coming up with the best heat press machine, picked from the best heat press machine reviews, we would love to share with you a compiled list of heat presses that stood out in the market in 2018. This promises to assist you in making an excellent choice when you are shopping for a heat press machine.

1. Cricut EasyPress

It is not news anymore that the Circuit EasyPress takes pride in its performance level for personal use and small businesses. Owing to its simple design and portable property, the Circuit EasyPress has 9″ x 9″ heat plate measurement with heat that is adjustable up to 350oF, thus equivalent to 180oC. The size is sufficient for you to perform assignments, for instance, your personal jobs. The CircuitPress unlike other heat press in the market takes about 55 seconds to be ready for use. There is an auto shut off feature, making the Circuit EasyPress safe while using.

Compared to other heat press machines in the market, the Circuit EasyPress is relatively small but it does not in any way affect the performance of the machine. The Circuit EasyPress is capable of producing results with high quality. Other than the way this machine functions, the brilliant design makes it very unique. The machine comes with a handle that makes it very convenient when in use.

Conclusion: If you are in search of a heat press machine that can be used for small to medium businesses and for personal use, the Circuit EasyPress is highly recommended by experts.

2. Fancierstudio Power Heat Press

If you are in search of a heat press machine that can be of assistance with your business, then the Fancierstudio Power Heat Press might be the heat press machine that your business actually needs. With 15 x 15 inches of the sheet for heat pressing, this machine is capable of handling various type of items. If you need this heat press machine for bulky items or small items, it is reliable and it will allow you use it comfortably as you power it up to about 1700 Watts and the heating capacity of about 690oF

One of the many reasons why people are convinced that this is the best choice for your business is that it is friendly with beginners and experts, and it can easily be used without any hassle. This is actually because it has an electronic and heat control, time set-up, and there is a handle that will allow you to grip the machine, most especially for convenience during use.

Conclusion: Fancierstudio power heat press digital type deserves all the accolades, owing to its simple and brilliant design. Its capacity and large size make it the best heat press machine choice for both personal and business purposes.

Beginner’s Guide to the Best Tool Set for Mechanics

One of the factors that you place attention to when you are choosing a toolset is if there is actually a reliable name behind the brand. For the fact that the largest kits in the market include simple tools that have been around over the years, there is no chance that you will find something unusual from what has been around. What this actually means is that it is possible to look out for a collection that is strong and steadfast, that is at the same time entrusted by a reliable name that is easily found in any industry standard garage. For the mechanics in need of a toolset, here you will find the best tool set for mechanics according to online best mechanics tool set reviews.


Baby’s First: This is regarded as the best kit that can be gifted to a child that just received his first car, most especially a beater car. There is every chance that the tools will have issues in their construction, owing to the fact that they are Stanley set of tools. However, they do not cost as much as other tools in the market so you will not feel the pain in your pocket when one of the tools gets lost or if one of the parts break. The sockets are particularly deep and nice and you will find them in different sizes for different use. It comes with a number of solid ratchets and screw heads, but its best you are aware of the fact that they will not last forever but they are an ideal choice for a novice.


Light & Quick: Rather than the manufacturers fabricating a heavy duty tool set, this is a toolset that is built solidly and at the same time it is light in weight. It is very easy for it to be transported, unlike other tool sets. The included gears – sockets, screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, and pliers – is of high quality, but it is reduced in heft and size for moments when applying naked force is nothing but an overkill. In a world where delicate and small vehicles are on the rise, this is, without a doubt, an inclusion that is handy when working with a lighter touch or for mobile repairs.


Travel Kit: Majority of the toolkits manufacturers pay little or no attention to the carrying case, this is because they assume that the entire toolkit will be unloaded to a toolbox. For individuals without a toolbox or somewhere to have the toolkits unloaded, Kobalt’s toolset is highly recommended. Many Allen wrenches, socket wrenches, and combination wrenches are included, in addition, the box is designed in a way to accommodate everything in a different place. The tools are displayed in a tri-fold kind of frame that makes it very easy for the right tools to be picked when needed.


Hidden Depths: Similar to the case of a doctor that makes house calls needing his bag, that is how important it is for a mechanic to have his/her full toolbox whenever they are heading out for a job, most especially a mobile mechanic. The Pittsburgh makes use of a tackle box tool layout style with an insert that is removable. In addition, it is exceptionally compact. The design of the toolbox is a brilliant one, in the sense that it keeps the size on a minimal and still provides some space for additional items to be stashed.

Beginner’s Guide to the Best Cheap Vlogging Camera

You are in search of a decent vlogging camera that is affordable and not one that will drill a hole in your pocket right? Let’s take a look at the essential things to consider if you want to get your vlogging camera cheap. When you are done with this article, you will confidently make a decision on the vlogging camera that suits your budget and project.

Things to look out for in a Cheap Vlogging Camera

1) Size (This is quite the most important)

Can the vlogging camera in question be taken anywhere you are visiting? If yes, then it is a wonderful choice. It is important that you get a camera that is easy to carry around and one that is lightweight. This means that you will not be looking out for full-size video cameras and camcorders with external microphones, owing to the fact that they are not portable enough to use in some cases.

Excellent criteria to be used in selecting a good vlogging camera is that it should easily fit into your pocket for emergency or immediate use, and have a solid frame to take some abuse if perchance you will be traveling with it. Apple iPhones are great for vlogging but the negative side to them is the angle of the lens. You have to use a selfie stick or hold it far from your body if you want to capture everything most times. Majority of the front-facing cameras are not of high quality, and they require a wider angle lens. The subject of the wider angle lens will be discussed a lot better in the next section, in this instance a little point and shoot will work best.

2) Lens Angle

The most important thing that determines how far a camera is from the face is the angle of the lens. For instance, when you shoot indoor with an Apple iPhone mounted on a tripod, it is important that it is moved twice the distance compared to the regular camera. It is important you are aware of the fact that it will affect the quality of the audio since it is not like the DSLR with an external microphone. This can easily be resolved for shooting outdoors with a selfie stick, but it turns out to be unusual when you are having desk shoots and you are employing a selfie stick in your office.

20mm – 24mm is decent enough to keep your arm at a comfy distance away from your body, and at the same time giving you an excellent shot while you are on the move. If perchance you are not on the go, employing a tripod is not much of a problem. 

3) Image Stabilization (IS)

Videos that are shot out on the move or on the field require a camera with Built-in image stabilizing feature. It is recommended that you do not depend on YouTube’s image stabilization feature, owing to the fact it takes its toll on the quality of the video after being uploaded. Inexperienced video editors find it hard to get the instability of the camera out of the video footage. Among all the cameras in the market, canons are the most reliable in this area.

Best Pomade for Men – Guide to Choosing the Right One

If you are out to get the perfect look, it is better to consider the right pomade. It is quite difficult to style men’s hair but with the use of the right pomade for men, you can achieve your task with ease. As applicable in selecting a shampoo for men, choosing the right pomade might seem like a simple task. But if you opt for the wrong item, it could adversely affect your look. You can find the best pomade for men at, a website that offers the perfect solution so you can pick the right pomade to suit your style. The diverse ranges of pomades available on this platform makes it easy for you to pick the right one.

Sleek and High Shine

If you want to create the sleek style, it is wise to opt for a water-based formula to enhance its flexibility. In such a case, you can use it to improve your everyday look or apply it when you are going out. It also makes styling your look extremely easy so you can easily create a perfect style in few seconds. To get the perfect style, follow these guidelines. First, use your fingertips to rub a small amount of the product and apply it gently to your hair while it is moderately wet. Then, use a comb or your fingertips to brush back. You can also change your hairstyle throughout the day, this is made possible by the water-based formula.

Smooth Hair and Low Shine

If you want to create a simple look and not the polished look, choose the cream pomade to recreate it. This variety of pomade for men is perfect if you want your hair to be flexible so as to be able to brush it backward. It is also ideal for people who want a casual hairstyle. Furthermore, you need a small amount of this product and then apply it onto your hair using the fingertips as a support. It can be applied on damp or dry hair. In addition, you can use it to eliminate messy pieces to get the polished hairstyle.

Messy Hair with Lots of Texture

Do you desire to create a messy hair to complement your rugged personality? The perfect way to recreate this style is to opt for the clay pomade for men. It is also the ideal product for men with fine hair that doesn’t have the capability to hold its style. The clay pomade will incorporate texture into your hair strands. In addition, it is extremely easy to apply it into your hair and create the roughed up look, this can be achieved with minimal effort.

Textured Hair with No Shine

To create that grungy hairstyle, no shine is the perfect choice for you. The reason why we consider this product as the ideal choice is because it incorporates a matte finish into it. The formula can also be used to design a piece-y separation on the hair strands asides the crunch. It is perfect for men who wish to save time styling without altering the actual style.